24 and 120 VAC Round Damper Wiring Instructions

Damper Wire Identification

Black Leads: 24 or 120 volt input - Green lead: Ground

If equipped with end switch - Red leads: 24 or 120 volt output

24 and 120 VAC Round Damper Wiring Instructions

To Remove/Install Motor Cover (120 V only)

A) Press in and lift up on end of motor cover with wire hole. This will remove cover.

B) To install motor cover, place tab on solid end of cover into small slot in motor mount, swing cover over motor and slip second tab into larger slot.

Flow Control Adjustment

All FAMCO Round Motorized Dampers (without endswitch) are shipped with a flow control adjustment bold. This bold, when set, limits the opening of the damper blade thereby limiting the air flow allowed thru the tamper. When shipped it is set to full open. To adjust:

  1. Loosen adjusting bold lock nut
  2. Turn adjusting bold to desired setting
  3. Tighten adjusting bold lock nut

Always activate motor after each adjustment to properly reest motor and damper blade.