Changing Motors and/or Damper Position On

Removing old motor mount

  • Remove motor cover. (applies only to 120V)
  • Loosen #10 x 1 ½" socket head cap screw (A) one or two turns.
  • Squeeze sides of motor mount and pull mount with motor through slots in motor mount bracket (welded to body) and off the ¼" shaft.

Installing new motor mount

  • Align hole in brass drum with shaft & tabs on motor mount with slots in motor mount bracket, squeeze sides of mount, push towards shaft until tabs lock in slots in bracket.
  • Grasp end of damper shaft with pliers and turn counter clockwise (facing top of motor) until damper seats against foam seals inside body.
  • Tighten #10 x 1 ½" socket head cap screw (A).
  • Test to be sure that motor coupling and shaft rotate together under power.

Installing new motor

  1. Follow instructions on removing old motor mount.
  2. Remove #10 x 1 ½" socket head cap screw (A).
  3. Remove spring (B) remembering which hole it is located in bracket.
  4. Carefully align 1/8" roll pin (C) with mount.
  5. Support shaft and use 1/8" punch to carefully push roll pin out.
  6. Remove 6/32 screws (D).
  7. Attach new motor with 6/32 screws (D).
  8. Reinstall brass clutch by supporting shaft and carefully driving roll pin (C) back into shaft. Do NOT drive roll pin past the other side of shaft or clutch assembly won’t rotate on shaft.
  9. Reinstall spring (B) into correct hole.
  10. Reinstall #10 x 1 ½" socket head cap screw (A).
  11. Follow instructions for installing new motor mount.

To field change position of damper blade

  1. All foam gaskets must be removed and not replaced for this procedure to work.
  2. Loosen the black socket head cap screw (#10 x 1 ½") that holds the damper shaft in the brass coupling. This can be reached through the motor base bracket.
  3. Turn the damper blade to the position that you need and tighten the socket head cap screw again.
  4. Test the damper under power.

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