Chimney Caps - Square Vacuum Caps for Tile

The Vacuum Cap works by re-directing the wind over the gores of the cap. This change of direction creates a partial vacuum, helping to remove exhaust gases and smoke at the outlet of the pipe.

  • Positive draft
  • Clean, economical design
  • Easy installation using the adjustable collar with the included draw-bolts.
  • Available in galvanized, aluminum, stainless and copper.

Square Vacuum Caps for Tile

Galvanized Aluminum Sainless Copper
SQ812 SQ812A SQ812SS SQ812CU
SQ1212 SQ1212A SQ1212SS SQ1212CU
SQ1216 SQ1216A SQ1216SS SQ1216CU

Square Vacuum Caps for Tile

Note for Custom Fitting

Tile sizes can change a lot from place to place or manufacturer to manufacturer. We can guarantee the fitting if we get the exact dimensions of the tile. We will need the width and length of the tile, ( B1, B2) and a measurement of the perimeter (measurement of the distance all around the tile taken with a thin measurement tape ) so we can calculate the corner radius.