For Single Wall Pipe

  1. Remove all parts from the carton to insure that the unit is complete. There should be (1 each) round base with swing jack, (1 each) rotating hood and, (1 each) package of wing nuts.
  2. Remove the two (three on large units) wing nuts from the package and have them ready to install.
  3. Place the rotating hood on the swing jack so that the bolts fit into the holes provided and tighten into place with the wing nuts. (NOTE: The two bolds are of different sizes so the hood will fit only one way.)
  4. Spin the hood to insure that there is proper rotation and proper clearance on all sides.
  5. Place the Wind Directional Cap on the chimney pipe and push down until top of pip reaches the groove in the round base of the cap. Use self tapping screws (not provided) to secure the cap to the pipe. (NOTE: If you are attaching this cap to double or triple wall pipe you must use a Wind Cap Adaptor to attach the cap.) (SEE BELOW)

For Multi Wall Pipe

  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above. Use the Wind Cap Adaptor to attach to chimney pipe.
  2. There are two beads near one end of the tube.  the other end away from the beads is the long end of the adaptor. Place the long end of the adaptor into the interior pipe of the chimney. This end is long enough to be secure without the use of any screws.
  3. Slide the round storm collar over the tube into the first bead. Slide the Wind Directional Cap over the tube to the storm collar and secure with self tapping screws. (Not provided)

For Chimney Tile

1 Follow steps 1-4 above. Attach the ATA to the chimney tile with the drawband and the WDC to the round collar of the ATA using self tapping sheet metal screws.

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