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Four Amazing Home Improvement YouTube Channels for All Skill Levels

When looking up “home improvement,” the results you get are likely going to be mixed with a popular 90’s family sitcom, and that’s not even mentioning all of the subgenres that can fall under “home improvement” to boot. While some users may be interested in learning more about the tools of the trade, others may be curious on how to go about maximizing what little space they have. Therefore, we at FAMCO have taken the time to compile a list of home improvement YouTube channels that cover a variety of subtopics.

Word of Advice TV

This channel focuses on routine home maintenance and troubleshooting for various appliances. If you happen to have a malfunctioning air conditioner, there’s a video on the top five problems that can happen and how to fix them. There are also videos that show you the most common fix for a broken furnace, as well as how to check the freon level in your air conditioner. With playlists covering everything from air filters to adding refrigerant, this is a good channel for a budding DIYer.

Austin Flipsters

If you enjoy flipping homes, then this channel is for you. One of their most popular uploads is the before and after renovation of a $120k house they only paid $5,000 for. The channel is hosted by two friends who cover all aspects of house flipping, from design and investment concepts to vendor and product recommendations. This would be a good channel for those interested in learning more about the financial end of house flipping, and perhaps get some interior design inspiration along the way.

FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

When it comes to the basics of home improvement, this channel has you covered. From how to fix cracks in your drywall to lawn mower repair, you will find multiple how-to videos on about every conceivable home improvement task imaginable as well as maintenance tips for your snowblower. There are also videos on pest control and lamp repair to cover any other subtopic you can think of. This is a great channel for the aspiring DIYer to learn more about home repair and maintenance.

Tools Zone

If you’re looking for product reviews on home improvement tools, this is a great channel to check out. There’s a video that covers whether you should get a jointer or a planer as well as  list-style videos on a variety of different hand and power tools. If you’re looking for some tricks and tips, there are videos on tool safety as well as jobsite tool comparisons.

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