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Four Excellent DIY Home Improvement Channels to Make Your Life Easier

So we’ve hammered on twice now about a few amazing DIY home improvement channels for varying skill levels, covering a variety of topics from tool reviews to building a shed. But what about the existing homeowner who would like to reduce their resource consumption? Or maybe partake in another woodworking weekend project that adds to the backyard? With that in mind, here are four DIY home improvement YouTube channels you should check out, and the videos that caught our attention.


If you ever needed a question answered in regards to sod installation, building an outdoor greenhouse, or even building a chandelier, MrFixIt DIY is the perfect channel for both wood workers and technophiles. Where one day you can learn about making a cheese cutting board, the next you can learn about the five DIY ways to make your home more energy efficient.


There will come a time in our adult lives where we will have to replace a broken toilet tank lever on the fly, and like most people, we will likely turn to YouTube for the answer. Luckily, TheHandyManToolbox was there to not only show us how to install a toilet tank lever, but also other handy DIY tips like: how to remove bathtub faucet stems quickly, troubleshooting light switches, how to hang a TV mount, and many other seemingly mundane, everyday tasks that may have us scratching our heads when we have them out of the box laid out on the floor in front of us.

DIY Pete

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to have any old deck chair. In these instances, you could just make your own, or you could build a double deck chair with drink holders and a built-in cooler. If this isn’t cool enough, DIY Pete has also built a DIY outdoor hockey rink, a tutorial on how to hide TV wires, and building an outdoor gas fireplace. If you are looking for a cool, new, and potentially challenging new project, DIY Pete  is a great channel to check out.

Kathryn Emery TV

For those who remember the unfortunate toilet paper crisis of 2020, there was a renewed discussion regarding the use of bidet toilet seats. Some companies, like BioBidet, have designed their products to seamlessly attach to most existing toilets, making them easy to install and remove. Rather than completely replacing the entire toilet, fixtures like these make it not only easy and affordable for most consumers, but also easy to remove if it doesn’t work out. 


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