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Gable Vents

Gable Vents

The summer heat wave has taken the country by storm with people experiencing record high temperatures from the East to West. Air conditioning units may have to work harder to cool the home and drive-up expenses for homeowners. Further, as heat rises into the attic, condensation occurs, fostering a humid environment exceptional for mold or […]

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American Home Through Trees

Common Pitfalls of Ineffective Ventilation

A big part of a positive home-owning experience is knowing that every component of your home is functional, efficient, and healthy. The latter includes the indoor environment and how it impacts the health of everyone in the house. However, poor ventilation may present differently between the various rooms of the house, along with the hazards

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Does Your Home Have Ventilation Issues? The Signs You Should Know

You may have bought a new home or have been in your current home long enough no to notice subtle changes in your home’s air quality, but it’s important to be on the lookout for ventilation issues. Poor home ventilation in your home is more common than you might think and if left unchecked, it

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Louvered Vent

Home attractiveness and appeal play a role in the purchasing of a new home; especially for first time home buyers. A home is a sign of responsibility, accomplishment and success therefore, most homeowners take great pride in making their home look attractive. There are several ways that a home owner can add appeal to their

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Louvered Gable Vent

Constructing a home for a novice can present a challenge. A person unfamiliar with construction terminology might find it difficult to communicate with the contractor in charge of building their dream home. The future homeowner might have an idea of what he or she prefers likes and wants their home to look like but when

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House Vent Protection

As the seasons change, so does the temperature. With the various seasons and temperature changes, the living conditions inside the home change as well. In the summer as the sun begins to heat the earth, the temperature inside a home might rise, making the home uncomfortable to rest in without adjusting the inside temperature. In

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