Continuous Soffit Vent – Keeping Clean Air Flowing in Day & Night

soffit vent

What ever the season is, it is necessary to keep every home ventilated which otherwise would result in buildup of toxins, pollutants and chemicals in the indoor air, resulting in a range of health complications for the inhabitants. So every home, old and new has to have a good ventilation system in place just to bring in the fresh air and to drive out the stale air.

Most homes that are planned and designed by professionals will have a natural or a forced ventilation system in place. For a simple start, open windows and doors or switch on the attic fans for a few hours every day, weather permitting, which are some easy ways to speedup the rate of ventilation. So also it would be beneficial to switch on the exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchen to keep unwanted odors and vapors from flooding other rooms.

An optimally insulated and ventilated attic space is cooler on a hot day than an unvented one, which in addition to keeping us warm on cold days, and preventing condensation & mildew in the winter, will reduce the summer heat load in the living spaces. For proper ventilation, it is required that you leave 1Sq.ft of unobstructed ventilation area for every 300 square feet of ceiling space with no less that 50% being for inbound air through the continuous soffits vents or gable vents, and 50% for outbound ventilation through roof or ridge vents. Note that if you are using bird and bug screens to cover your continuous soffit vents, it could diminish the effectiveness of air flow by almost fifty percent, so it would be ideal to double the area of continuous soffit ventilation.

To make thing clear, a 1500Sq.ft house requires unobstructed ventilation at a minimum of 5 Sq.ft and 10 sq. ft. in the vent is screened. Continuous soffit venting is typically a 2″ or 3″ slot cut into the soffit into which is placed a manufactured venting system made from plastic or metal. This can be done easily using FAMCO Metal Soffit Vents which are available in the width of 4”, 6” and 8 inches and length of 10 ft or individual sixteen inch pieces with the same available widths. The FAMCO Louvered Metal Continuous Soffit Vents with screen are made from high quality 28 gauge galvanized with a 0.020 Aluminum and are available in 28 gauge pre-painted black, brown and white Steel finishes which can be used in combination with continuous ridge vents or any other roof vents to assure proper attic ventilation.

FAMCO Eave/Soffit Vents are manufactured in both metal and plastic, which makes it ideal for use in humid areas too. FAMCO Metal Soffit Vents allow air to enter from the bottom portion of your roof to then travel upwards to the top of the roof where it is expelled, removing trapped heat and moisture from the attic. In older homes where continuous soffit vents are already in place, periodic inspection and maintenance will keep it working in optimal condition. If it is time to replace them, use FAMCO Metal continuous Soffit Vents, for a life time of clean flowing air through your home.

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