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Copper Gable Vent

It is no secret that heat rises especially in a home. The climate in a home is very critical to the overall enjoyment of being inside of a home. Those living in northern areas in a large two story home might not mind the science behind rising heat on a cold winter night; however those living in the south work hard to keep the heat out of their home and they pay dearly for it nine months out of the year in energy costs.

Since a homeowner can’t prevent heat from rising upward, they must find a way to prevent the rising heat from having a financially crushing effect on their energy costs. A home is designed with certain features that assist the homeowner in keeping a comfortable living condition in his or her home. Air Conditioning units are one way that modern technology has helped make comfort ability during hot summer days possible. One other less thought of feature that helps keep the climate inside a home livable would be the home’s ventilation system.

Every home has to have a ventilation system in order to keep air throughout the home moving. Without fresh air being filtered into and throughout the home, living conditions can become unhealthy and unsafe. Ventilation assists in the removal of heat, bacteria and other not-so-pleasant smells while preventing pollen, debris and other dangerous pollutants from seeping in. Gable vents are used for exhaust or air intake into the attic of a home.

Gable vents are needed in order to ensure proper air ventilation in the attic of a home so that heat and moisture can be properly removed before damage to the home can occur. During the life of a home, the temperature inside changes often throughout the course of a day resulting in heat and moisture being trapped in the ducts; when heat and moisture is trapped and not properly ventilated, dangers such as: mold, mildew, rust and an increase in energy cost could occur.

Purchasing a copper gable vent can help reduce energy cost. Buying a copper gable vent has many benefits outside of lower energy costs such as: durability, its ability to withstand rusting, cracking, mold and mildew while reducing energy costs is the perfect solution for any homeowner. A copper gable vent is made from a quality material that might be pricey but is worth the cost when you consider the lack of home repairs that a copper gable vent will create.

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