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Air quality can influence your overall health – for better and for worse. Poor air quality in your home or office can have devastation effects on your health overtime, which can include headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Keeping air fresh and crisp will not only keep you healthy but comfortable in your space. Whether you realize it or not, motorized dampers play a huge role in helping you breathe better as you enjoy the benefits of top quality air.

Why are motorized dampers essential to the production of good air quality? The damper regulates the flow of air inside the air handling equipment, and without a quality damper, the entire air filtration system suffers. Without a damper, you will be unable to regulate the temperature room-by-room and control the climate to be comfortable for you and those around you.

Finding the Well-Built Motorized Dampers Online

A well-functioning air filtration system is paramount, as it controls the flow of air. Built to last, a FAMCO motorized damper will keep your air filtration system working long after installation and is available in a variety of sizes, allowing customers to find exactly what they need. In fact, we have customers report that they found first time and replacement pieces with FAMCO that they were unable to find with our competitors. Using the finest raw materials available and an experience team in place since 1989, FAMCO has successfully streamlined the production process.

FAMCO is a leader in providing top quality motorized dampers that are easy to install. Each piece is designed to minimize moisture, allowing only the purest air to get through. Naturally our use of top quality materials results in customers raving about the longevity and effectiveness of FAMCO products. Built to last, choosing FAMCO allows you to circumvent the process of replacing parts for your system on a regular basis, which can be costly and time consuming.

We are proud to be one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest manufacturers, providing roof and pipe flashings, ventilation products, and specialty building products. Located in Meridian, Idaho we take great pride that our products are used throughout the world

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