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Finding the Right Motorized Damper

You may not realize that motorized dampers play an important role in the production of good air quality. Too many folks overlook the importance of fresh, high quality air in the places where you spend the most time, including your home and office. Overtime, inhaling poor quality air can have devastating effects on your overall health and well being.

How does a motorized damper work?

We all know that motorized dampers play an essential role in the production of high quality air, but do we know how they operate? The damper regulates the flow of air inside the air conditioner or air handling equipment. Without a quality damper, the entire air filtration system can experience damage over time. The damper is what allows you to control the temperature from room-to-room, allowing you more freedom and control over your comfort.

FAMCO motorized dampers are some of the most trusted products in air filtration. FAMCO has one of the largest supplies of air filtration products, with a variety of sizes available allowing customers to find exactly what they need. We carry inventory that simply cannot be found with our competitors and we pride ourselves in being able to provide what others cannot.

As one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest manufacturers, we have set out to streamline the production process, using only the very best quality materials. Because we put quality first, our customers find that they are not constantly replacing damaged parts, but instead enjoying their products for years after purchase. Our customers can save time and money in the process. What a relief!

Located in Meridian, Idaho, our inventory of roof and pipe flashing, ventilation products, and specialty building products make their way to customers throughout the world. We take great pride in leaving our customers satisfied by providing the very best roofing and HVAC products on the market.

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