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How to Upgrade an Existing HVAC System

Before, we laid out a checklist of the items to consider when looking at an existing HVAC system. But upon going through those items, you discover that the HVAC system needs to be replaced. But what about the ductwork? When was it installed? Which repairs are absolutely necessary?

Considering the extent of the repairs before deciding what to do, it sometimes may be better just to walk away. But in many cases, replacing or upgrading an existing HVAC system does not always have to mean that the existing ductwork needs to be replaced, as well. So what can you do to upgrade your HVAC System without having to tear down the walls?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System?

When buying or otherwise renovating an existing home, it is always a good idea to find out when the existing unit was installed and, if possible, how much the previous owners spent on energy. Or if you already rent or own and notice that your power bills have been going up lately, it is likely your HVAC system that is the culprit.

So, if you happen to notice that:

  1. Your existing HVAC system is not keeping you comfortable
  2. Your HVAC system is running quite a bit or more than usual
  3. Your energy costs are increasing

It would be a good idea to upgrade your HVAC system.

Getting Started

First of all, we should clearly state that installation of HVAC equipment should only be done by a professional and is subject to applicable state laws. With that out of the way, the first step to ensure that the problem is not due to an energy leak

A process called an energy assessment is a task that is performed by an energy efficiency professional. It may even turn out that the HVAC system is fine if energy leaks are discovered and addressed, but either way, it is a good idea to get this test done beforehand.

Once any energy leaks have been addressed, it is time to look at the ductwork. Unless you happen to hear any weird knocking sounds or dust buildup in strange places, the only item left to consider is the material and the condition it is in. 

HVAC Zones vs Multi-Position Ducted Systems

For those not in the know, the newer HVAC systems currently available in 2021 that most people consider the most are HVAC Zones and Multi-Position Ducted Systems. The difference between them is that HVAC Zones employ dampers within an existing ductwork system to heat/cool different parts of the house using different settings, while a Multi-Position Ducted System is a solution that is a wholesale replacement of your central HVAC unit. This can come down to budget or personal preference, and can always be discussed further with the energy assessor.

How FAMCO Can Help

FAMCO is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of HVAC equipment, accessories, and more. Whether you are doing a weekend project or a huge job, FAMCO can get you the top-quality parts you need and deserve. If you have any questions about our products, or how we provide awesome tools to help our customers DIY, please give us a call. We will be more than happy to help.

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