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HVAC Basics: Metal Roof Vents and How They Save Money

Thinking about metal roof vents may not be at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind, but they should be. During the hot summer months, heat rises up into the attic and pushes your air conditioner to work overtime, while in the winter, moisture can accumulate under the shingles and on the frame, causing water damage and mildew.

Metal roof vents are useful year-round by allowing heat and moisture to escape through the vents, saving wear and tear on your HVAC system and drastically lowering your energy bill.

Different Types of Metal Roof Vents and What They’re Used For

The types of roof vents you will need largely depends on your budget and needs. Here’s a quick rundown of different types of metal roof vents, how they work, and what types of jobs they’re primarily used for.

Globe Vents

The FAMCO Globe Vent is an economical gravity ventilator (opens with positive air flow, closes when no air flow is present) that’s primarily used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The FAMCO Globe Vent comes with a draw bolt collar, which provides a secure fit and is easily removable if needed.

J Vents

FAMCO J Vents are open on two sides, which provides for better air flow and helps eliminate moisture and heat buildup in attic spaces. These types of metal roof vents are typically used on flat, low-pitched, or tile roofs, and work best when used with soffit or gable end venting.

Bath Fan/Kitchen Exhaust Roof Vents

The FAMCO Bath Fan/Kitchen Exhaust Roof Vent is designed for bathroom or kitchen exhaust venting systems. A damper is included to prevent back draft, along with an insect screen. Models with a bottom extension are also available for flex pipe connections. These come in galvanized steel or pre-painted galvanized steel in black or brown.

There are also pitched round roof vent bases available for those who have a high-pitched roof.

Figuring Out How Much and What Kind of Ventilation Your Attic Will Need

First things first, whether you’re building a new home or refurbishing an existing HVAC system, you’re going to want to make sure that your ventilation is up to snuff. Odor-causing bacteria and allergens tend to build up if they don’t have a place to go, and your heating/cooling system will end up working overtime to maintain a decent indoor temperature.

FAMCO has an attic ventilation calculator that takes your attic’s square footage and returns the optimal amount of ventilation in square inches.

Also, if you have a pitched roof and need to know what angle you will need for the perfect fit, FAMCO also has a roof pitch angle chart for your reference.

How FAMCO Can Help

Installing proper attic ventilation can be daunting to beginners, but we’re dedicated to answering all of your questions and providing you with metal roof vents that you can trust. If you have any questions regarding different types of roof vents and what would work best for you, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help.

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