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The Role HVAC Dampers Serve in Your Home

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Every home needs some form of a HVAC damper. Without a HVAC dampers, the ventilation system inside the home is left without any source filtering, regulating and monitoring the air flow in and out of the home. Dampers are what are installed in a home to help regulate the temperature, humidity and air flow in the home; without one the air inside can become stuffy, warm and stifling. Circulation of air is important in a home to prevent contaminated air form staying stagnant and linger for long periods of time.

With the ever rising energy costs creating financial concerns for most homeowners, purchasing a damper that has the ability to regulate and restrict air flow to certain areas of the home that are not often used or lived in can help relieve some of the financial burden that high energy costs can create. Certain types of HVAC dampers come with an adjustable metal plate that has been installed inside the dampers duct that allows the damper to open and close off therefore preventing or restricting airflow to a designated room.

For those living in a two-story home can really benefit from the purchase and use of a damper; when the family is downstairs enjoying time together, the damper can shut off all air flow to the upper level while keeping the lower level comfortable for the whole family to enjoy quality time while breathing in quality air thanks to the zone controller feature. Homeowners can enjoy time with their family without worrying about high energy costs or pent up heat pressure wreaking havoc on their HVAC system thanks to a pressure relief damper.

There are three types of HVAC dampers that a homeowner might want to become familiar with so that when the time comes to purchase a new damper they can confidently select the right damper for their household needs.

Motorized Dampers are rather fascinating in that they come with the ability to allow another appliance to kick in once the damper has reached its full power. Motorized dampers have the ability to control air flow to other parts of the home and its unique design can guarantee a correct fit and alignment to the motor. The motorized damper is known to help increase the life expectancy of the damper as a result of how its clutch/coupler restricts movement of other parts.

Pressure Relief Dampers are needed to keep HVAC systems working well. When HVAC dampers are used to limit or shut off air flow to certain areas of the home, pressure can build up and without a place to go can create combustion. The job of a pressure relief damper is to allow the built up pressure to expel through the ventilation system when needed.

And lastly a homeowner needs to know about backdraft dampers. Backdraft dampers are used for heat exchangers, exhaust systems and even on some solar heating systems. A backdraft damper can be installed either vertically or horizontally and is used when an electric powered damper is not needed.

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