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HVAC Motorized Duct Damper

Motorized Dampers

Our Motorized Duct Dampers have a lot to offer any home that is interested in zone control, energy efficiency, air quality, controlled air flow, keeping air in, and even keeping air out!

Zone Control enables you to adjust how your warm or cool air is distributed by opening and closing your inline ducts. These electric dampers can be configured to balance temperatures throughout your home, to be energy efficient by closing off air flow to unused areas and focusing your air flow only into areas you would prefer for maximum comfort.

Our Motorized Dampers can also be paired for use as a Make-Up Air Kit to allow fresh outside air indoors. These Dampers are controlled by a sensor that detects variances in high pressure and low pressure, which triggers the Damper to open and allow outdoor air to move indoors. Our Make-Up Air Kits with Damper can be installed with air intakes through a Roof Vent, Soffit Vent or Wall Vent.

We have two models of Galvanized Motorized Dampers, ADC which is normally closed with powered open, and ADO which is normally open with powered close. Available In: 4″ – 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, with options for 24 Volt or 120 Volt motors, and end switches to share power with other nearby wired items. Visit our web site for more information on our HVAC Ventilation products.

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