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The Benefits Of A Roof Ridge Vent

Roof ventilation is important for the life and well being of a home owner’s roof. Without proper roof ventilation, moisture and heat can build up in the attic creating a series of health hazards such as mold and mildew. Condensation can build up over time creating water spots on the ceiling giving off the impression that the roof is leaking. When in reality, the roof is in need of a better ventilation system. A quality roof ventilation system is needed to not only help avoid mold and mildew from growing in your home, but to aid in keeping energy cost to a minimum.

roof ridge vents

Cost effectiveness is important to most during this tough economical time and choosing a roof ridge vent system can help with efficiency. With homes varying in their roof ventilation needs, it is important to purchase and install the appropriate type of roof vent system that fits your particular preferences and home. A roof ridge vent system has proven to be very efficient, and for those who own a shingled roof home, it is a very wise ventilation choice.

A roof ridge vent is a form of ventilation that is installed on the edge of a roof that helps provide a way for hot air to escape. For the home owner who is concerned about the outer look of their home a roof ridge vent blends nicely into the roof of the home without causing any negative attention. A roof ridge vent does run the entire length of the home allowing hot air to escape from the top of the vent while pulling cooler air from below.

There are several benefits to Roof Ridge Vents

  • Works year round.
  • Functions so that ventilation is evenly distributed below the roof.
  • Blends well with the roof, will not cause an eye sore.
  • Allows for larger amounts of air flow then most roof ventilation systems.
  • Weather changes will not affect a roof ridge vent and its effectiveness.

The benefits mentioned are just a few reasons why roof vents are a necessity for homes.