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The FAMCO IAQ Economizer: What It Does And How It Works

In general, most homeowners are concerned about two key items in regards to their indoor environment: the quality of the air and keeping energy costs as low as possible. Those in older buildings may have to rely on a single air conditioning unit to cool down an entire house, which only drives up energy costs and likely doesn’t do much to cool your entire home.

Certain buildings like food establishments require a lot of their HVAC systems due to the amount of heat that they generate, so most economizers are geared towards commercial establishments. FAMCO has brought that technology into the world of residential homes, with our Zip Economizer. On the surface, both of these economizers may seem mechanically identical, but since they are both built on different philosophies, it can be determined that they operate very differently in regards to their build and how they function.

But how much exactly? Let’s take a look.

What Does an HVAC Economizer Do?

If a fast food establishment relied only on relentless, single unit air conditioning to combat the heightened temperatures of their kitchen, their power bill would be astronomical. On top of the costs to keep their equipment running, they also would have to deal with high energy costs to maintain some semblance of a desired indoor temperature.

In general, economizers take outside air and disperse it into the indoor environment as needed in order to maintain the desired temperature. The benefit for the user is that they can use outside air (free!) to help maintain a liveable indoor temperature while also reducing their energy costs by trapping outside air within its dampers and releasing it as needed rather than kicking on the coldness. The same applies to FAMCO’s Zip Economizer, but scaled down to a size that is approachable for homeowners.

FAMCO Zip Economizer vs Other Economizers

As you can imagine, the commercial machines of the former are quite large and overkill for the average home. Also, since they’re built on different philosophies, the factors that affect their performance are evaluated differently.

Instead of relying on a fickle dry bulb sensor that makes adjustments to internal dampers accordingly with its readings, the Zip Economizer communicates with your home’s thermostat and makes adjustments to meet your settings. That means that the Zip Economizer is less prone to failure, and is a good investment for homeowners that practically pays for itself within a few months after purchase.

How FAMCO Can Help

FAMCO is one of the biggest manufacturers/distributors of HVAC equipment and accessories in the Pacific Northwest. We are based in Meridian, Idaho, and are deeply passionate about everything revolving around HVAC.

In general, homeowners would only benefit from the installation of a FAMCO Zip Economizer rather than swallowing the cost of running an inefficient AC unit that should have been thrown out 20 years ago. Stop paying more than you need to and extend the life of your HVAC system with a Zip Economizer from FAMCO.

If you have any further questions regarding installation or availability, please feel free to contact us at the office. We will be more than happy to help.

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