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Ultimate Late Winter Homeowner’s Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner, there is always something to do. Home ownership is not for the faint of heart to say the least! Luckily, with a little planning and list making, keeping up with your home maintenance chores is easier than ever and we can help! For this article, we’ve put together a quick and easy task list of things that you should be doing each February in order to make sure that your home is well serviced all year long.

Get Your HVAC Unit Inspected

Now that the winter months are coming to a close and Spring is about to rear its ugly head, it’s time to have a professional inspect and possibly service your HVAC unit. Yearly regular maintenance can help to greatly extend the life and performance quality of your HVAC appliances like air conditioning units and furnaces. Take a moment this February and every February to schedule an inspection with your local HVAC experts. You’ll be glad you did it now rather than in the middle of the summer heat!

Deep Clean Kitchen

If you’re like our family, your kitchen got quite the workout this holiday season. From entertaining extra guests to baking marathons, the holidays are quite rough on your kitchen. Now is the perfect time for you to clean out that holiday grime and get your kitchen back to ship shape for the new year. This is the perfect time to do things like clean your oven, clean behind your refrigerator, including dusting off the refrigeration coils and the like. You can also deep clean your sink and clear out food stocks in your pantry. Get ahead of the game before your kitchen gets too dirty!

Clear Out Freezer Backstock

Now that winter is on the way out, it’s time to start thinking about Spring cleaning. One great thing you can do to get prepared for the food demands of the year ahead is to clean out your freezer. We all have a backlog of frozen items that we were definitely meaning to get to, but just never got around to preparing. Sometimes we wait too long and then the food expires or gets freezer burned. Take an hour or so this February to clear out your expired and burned items and to even give your freezer drawer a quick cleaning so that you can go into the rest of this year with a well stocked and cleaner freezer. 

Rotate Mattress 

This is a great time to rotate your mattress and to change the bedding on your bed. Sleep easy knowing that you are only going to have to rotate your mattress three more times this year! 

In Conclusion

Being a homeowner is not without its challenges. But, those challenges can be tackled easily with a little extra knowhow. And that is exactly what we aim to provide around here at FAMCO. We want to make sure that every homeowner is prepared for the task ahead with the best news and information and quality products available. Shop our store online here or contact us to learn more about what FAMCO has to offer when it comes to high quality HVAC supplies and ventilation accessories.

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