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Wall Vents Help Put The Cap On Wall Beauty

wall ventsErecting a solid, sound wall whether as a part of a building or as a free standing wall such as a boundary marker gives the property owner the assurance of strength and durability, but the structure might not have the desired look of architectural finesse. In getting their wall to be aesthetically pleasing in addition to being strong, builders often utilize wall vents to cover their walls.

Used to cover or cap a wide range of walls including stone, masonry, or stucco walls, wall vents present the perfect way to add elegance to a functional wall structure. In addition to providing beauty, these caps also bring the element of providing protection from the harsh onslaught of ice, snow, rain and sun.

A major design facet of these ventss is that they are made with a sloping edge that can either slope in one or two directions. These slanted edges facilitate one of the major functions of caps, which is their ability to channel water away from the wall opening thus protecting the wall structure beneath them.

Wall vents can be made from a large variety of raw materials that are in and of themselves very sturdy and solid elements. As such these wall coverings can be found in pre-cast concrete, concrete, sandstone, marble, limestone, slates, quartz, brick, terra cotta, a range of different stones, and various types of metals.

In addition to their use on walls, these vents can be applied to a wide variety of other covering needs both in the commercial and residential areas of construction. For instance, these caps are regularly used in landscaping projects of both small and large proportions. This product is also frequently used in the covering of pool edges to help protect the material beneath from the pool’s water, as well as to add an element of protection to persons using the pool. These caps can also be used in gardening and planting projects as they are also perfect for covering planter boxes which protects the boxes from the elements if they are outdoors, or gives the planter boxes an aesthetic appeal if they are placed indoors.

In providing its element of beauty to walls, these vent products come in a pleasing range of textures. Each texture is usually applied to a project to achieve a specific function. The ‘rough’ textured caps generally meant to give a natural appearance to projects. Another variation to the ‘rough’ texture is the ‘extreme rough’ quality which gives a more rustic appeal to the wall. Another texture option is the ‘smooth’ surface which feels like and greatly resembles a painted surface. The ‘washed’ texture has a somewhat porous quality but still provides the protection as the other textures.

Wall vents also come in a large selection of colors that can fit in with the needs of a wide range of project types.

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