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What to Look for in an HVAC Technician

Much like any other investment, it behooves the investor to know who is working on their investment, and this includes HVAC technicians working on one’s home. When you are tying your financial livelihood to your home, having it go up in literal flames over a financial scam or shoddy workmanship is not something you need to worry about. With the hot temperatures of summer right around the corner, here is what you need to look for when searching for a reputable HVAC technician.

Identifying and Avoiding Common HVAC Scams

One of the first steps to finding an ethical HVAC professional is learning what common HVAC scams look like. Some of the most common cases of HVAC scams include:

  • Used Parts: Some technicians may quote a lower estimate for using formerly used parts. No reputable HVAC technician will suggest used parts, much less offer a reduced price for their implementation.
  • Cold-Call HVAC Inspections: Technicians offering a free HVAC inspection may be setting you up for a future scam. Proceed with caution.
  • Urgency: Unscrupulous HVAC technicians will use pressure tactics like urgency to try and pressure property owners into making unnecessary repairs, upgrades, or other purchases. Were there an actual emergency, an ethical HVAC technician would disconnect the HVAC system and make you aware of your available options.
  • Excessive Fees: Be wary of any HVAC technician asking for anything more than a reasonable deposit for services upfront, or a final price that differs wildly from the original estimate. The scope of the work, projected timeline, payments, and due dates should all be agreed upon before the work begins.

In short, if any HVAC technician is offering services such as the ones listed above, they are likely not scrupulous and should be avoided.

Check Your HVAC System Manufacturer’s Recommendations First

In order to repair/maintain your HVAC system properly, it is important to hire an HVAC technician who is familiar with your particular system. In this case, knowing the type of system that you have and going with the manufacturer’s recommendations is the first step towards finding the right HVAC technician.

Seek Out Personal Recommendations

Positive reviews from people we trust still go a long way, and in the world of HVAC repair, it can also prevent scams from occurring.

Check the HVAC Professional’s Credentials

Another great way to ensure that the person you are speaking with is legit is to check that their licensing and other professional certifications/credentials are current. A lapse in this check could put you at risk of structural and other damage that would not be covered by insurance should it occur.

Do Not Be Afraid to Shop Around for Competing Quotes

Ethical HVAC technicians will offer quotes for their services that are competitive with other professionals in the area, but that shouldn’t stop you from shopping around. Try reaching out to several different HVAC companies and see which one offers the best services for the friendliest price; some of them may even reduce their price further in a bid to secure the job.

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