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Zone Dampers – For Optimal Temperature and Airflow Control

Not all individuals in the family enjoy the same level of comfort by setting the thermostat to a specific temperature, in the sense, what might seem warm to some may be hot for others and so forth. So also not all areas of your house have the same temperature needs. With top priority focused on improving efficiency and occupant comfort, modern HVAC systems are so designed to aid multiple zone diversity i.e., the ground floor of a house can be treated as a single zone served by one heating/cooling unit while the upper floor becomes another zone that can be operated on another thermostat.

The zoning can be divided even further by splitting the zones into individual rooms units that have their own controls by which the heat can be directed primarily to the living quarters during the day and to the bedrooms at night. This saves the house owner from unnecessary energy losses that might other wise have happened from heating unused or unoccupied rooms. The control panel operates a number of dampers in your forced air heating/cooling system and hot or cold air is either distributed or restricted from flowing to various parts of your home as needed. According to the fact sheets of the US Department of Energy, it is a proven fact that zoning, combined with a programmable thermostat strategy, can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

People occupying multi-story living spaces stand to save a lot from using FAMCO multi-blade motorized zone dampers as a damper with zone controls can shut off all air flow to the unused levels while keeping used spaces comfortable for the whole family to enjoy clean air and a warm ambience. Available in sizes starting from 6” X 6” to 24” X 14”, the FAMCO multi-blade motorized zone dampers are turned in both directions by a high torque 24 or 120 volt motor which comes in side fitted or bottom motor mount options.

The FAMCO multi-blade motorized zone dampers are available in two modes – power open and spring close blades (POSC) and power close spring open blades (PCSO), so that it can be kept closed/open as per the requirement and the parallel blade design ensures that the operation is kept smooth while providing the best and the most efficient low leak sealing.  The Teflon Bearings minimize wear and tear from friction of moving parts and the blades are timed to open in 15 seconds in the power mode, and in the spring mode, in 5 seconds.

The FAMCO zone damper has an easy wire-able terminal with 3 wires, which can be integrated to two or three zone systems and a rotation switch to set ‘open’ or ‘close’ the dampers. Zone dampers can be installed in new as well as existing homes, giving you the chance to make the most of your energy savings.

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