Bath Fan / Kitchen Exhaust – Roof Vent with Extension – Painted

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Category: Roof Vent – Subcategory: Exhaust – Type: Bath & Kitchen Material: Galvanized Steel – Finish: Black, Brown – Thickness: 28 Gauge Shape: Round – Dimensions: 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ – Sku: BKXP

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The FAMCO BKXP Bath Fan / Kitchen Exhaust – Roof Vent with Extension – Painted. Designed to use with bathroom or kitchen exhaust venting systems. This roof mounted vent comes with a damper to prevent back draft and with an insect screen, and with a 3″ stem for flex pipe connections. Quality constructed in 28 gauge pre-painted Galvanized steel in Black or Brown. The FAMCO BKXP Bath Fan / Kitchen Exhaust – Roof Vent with Extension – Painted come in sizes: 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch. This model has an extension for flex tubing. Please see our BK series for options without an extension. The FAMCO BKXP Bath Fan / Kitchen Exhaust – Roof Vent with Extension – Painted is manufactured by Famco in the United States and comes with a 1-year warranty against product defects and workmanship. If you have any questions about this product, please refer to the FAQs above or feel free to contact us by phone or email. This vent is not intended for roof top dryer termination.

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Bath Fan / Kitchen Exhaust - Roof Vent with Extension - Painted


25 reviews for Bath Fan / Kitchen Exhaust – Roof Vent with Extension – Painted

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  1. Bill

    Very satisfied customer

    Excellent service quality product at a fair price I am very satisfied with my purchase
    Will purchase from Famco again

  2. William Rogers (verified owner)

    Customer service on my E-mailed order correction was completed as one would expect. My thanks to Olaf Morledge & customer service.

  3. Robert Look (verified owner)

  4. Phillip Norman (verified owner)

    This arrived promptly, as promised.

  5. Raymond L. (verified owner)

    Well made. Screen a bit tricky to get set. But it performs well

  6. John M. (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with this hood vent. It’s metal, it has a bird screen, and it has a flap that will keep drafts out. I only wish I had put it in with the roofing rather than a retrofit, but my inspector said I need a vent for a half-bath even though it doesn’t have a shower or bath. This will be my 4th FAMCO vent.

  7. skip pirman (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent and fast,package sturdy for shipping

  9. Jurg (verified owner)

  10. jon (verified owner)

    Well built.

  11. Joseph G. (verified owner)

    Fast shipment. Very well made.

  12. Carol Denton (verified owner)

  13. Eugene Lukienko (verified owner)

    I will give this vent 4 stars. Have been looking for quality venting for our kitchen hood since there are only a handful of options on the market. The one from box stores has such small flashing overlap that it will certainly leak when the caulk wears out. You cannot have 1.5 inch flashing on sides, you need at least 3-4 inches overlapped with shingles to provide best protection over time.

    Here are the good things:
    – Vent has large enough flashing area on all sides – close to 3.5-4 inches – which allows sufficient shingles overlap to prevent water intrusion
    – Vent was made well, everything sits flat on the roof without issues. No wavy appearance to flashing piece unlike many other box store items. Once nailed, sits very tightly on the roof.
    – Olaf with customer service was fantastic at answering all my questions.
    – As promised, vent made within 3-5 days and shipped over a weekend to arrive on Monday. Total time from ordering to delivery took 7 days.

    Now, of course, there is always room for improvement.
    – First, the screen came in bent. It appears it was not bent properly at the factory, so it did not fit fully. Olaf was quick to offer replacement screen, but due to work timing, I ended up using my own stainless screen as a replacement. Worked like a charm if you have a metal brake.
    – Would suggest offering vent in thicker metals, such as 26G or 24G, to be more competitive with other manufacturer offerings.
    – FAMCO uses silicone to seal the stem to flashing. They use a large bead, which is nice. Would also recommend FAMCO to put a bead of silicone to sandwich between 3 sides of housing where it attaches to flashing, which will prevent water intrusion from the top and sides. I caulked it myself from the inside, but it is a dirty job when you don’t have much clearance to work with. Using some silicone there would look nicer and reduce water ingress into the housing. There should still remain channel on the bottom section for any water or condensation to escape – do not seal that portion.
    – Lastly, would recommend offering heavier gauge aluminum flapper. As most will use this vent for kitchen appliances, heavier damper will not be an issue, while it will prevent wind uplift. I have not experienced this vent in high windy rain yet, but it will likely lift up if wind is strong enough and moves in the direction of the opening. However, the damper assembly construction is pretty good.

    Overall, compared to market offerings, a great vent. I ended up returning box store vent due to above concerns and I am happy with FAMCO brand. Some additional options would certainly improve offering and competitiveness of this product, especially for those who look for quality products. See my review on roofing site for photos of installed vent.

  14. thomas (verified owner)


  15. Robert Cameron (verified owner)

  16. GARY CONLEY (verified owner)

    Great service and great product. The roofing contractor was inpressed with the quality.

  17. Erik Deitesfeld (verified owner)

  18. My Nguyen (verified owner)

  19. Thomas Knoll (verified owner)

  20. greg k. (verified owner)

    Have not installed it yet,but looks to be of good Quality

  21. Richard S. (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Mark (verified owner)

    Quick Shipment, Well Packaged, Damper and Tube excellent features.

  24. Joseph McMahon (verified owner)

  25. Thomas Mariano (verified owner)

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