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The main thing to remember with dryer vents is that they should not have a screen - only a damper. This is because a screen can cause lint to build up in the vent, posing a fire hazard. FAMCO’s dryer vent options include a built-in damper that opens when air is exhausting, and falls closed when no air is running through. They are designed for maximum airflow. You can choose from a range of different styles in aluminum dryer vent, galvanized steel dryer vent, copper dryer vent, or HDPE plasti dryer vent. Our sizes range from 3”-12” round diameters, or 14” in some models.

Our plastic products are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic built for longevity and durability. They are formulated to withstand the elements and resist fading due to weather conditions. For dyers located away from outside walls, we offer a foundation vent with closeable backdraft damper and plastic wall vents which have a low profile flush mount design.

Dryer Vents - Kitchen Vent, Copper, Aluminum

The Importance of Cleaning out Dryer Vents

Most homeowners are accustomed to cleaning the lint trap, but what they don’t see is all the lint that makes it past the catch screen. Many house fires are caused by dryers every year. Preventing these fires is an easy thing to do by getting your dryer duct cleaned, or by having a good exhaust vent that does not build up lint.

Historically, dryers in laundry rooms were placed near an outside wall. Now they are commonly found in the center of the home with more bent duct work to travel through, restricting airflow causing wet lint build-up. Keep in mind that dryer exhaust vents must be installed at least 12” from the ground or away from any object in the path of exhaust air.

All FAMCO products are manufactured in the United States and come with a 1-year warranty against product defects and workmanship.

Dryer Vents

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