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Plastic Wall Vents

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  • The FAMCO AI plastic wall vent with fixed louvers. USA Made. Black in color.The FAMCO AI plastic wall vent with fixed louvers. USA Made. Black in color.
    Intake Vents

    Plastic Wall Vent with Fixed Louvers

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  • Front view of FAMCO plastic wall vent with movable louvers in black plastic.Front view of FAMCO plastic wall vent with movable louvers in black plastic.
    Dryer Vents

    Plastic Wall Vent with Movable Louvers

    $14.95$24.95 Select options
  • Dryer Vents

    Plastic Dryer Vent with Hood and Damper

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  • FAMCO Plastic Wall Vent Guard in white for 4" Wall Vents.FAMCO Plastic Wall Vent Guard in white for 4" Wall Vents.

Plastic Wall Vents

With new developments in plastic and injection molding, the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic models have become more and more popular in recent years. Prior to this technology, plastic roof vents weathered quickly and became brittle long before the life expectancy of the roof shingles. Today’s plastics are built to match the life expectancy of the roof, they also have UV inhibitors and color stabilizer added in to provide greater stability in all weather conditions and prevent fading. Our plastic line includes the air intake vent (AI), the hooded dryer vent with damper (UFH) and the (LH) with moveable louvers.

What is High Density Polyethylene?

There are many reasons why HDPE has grown in popularity recently. For starters, it has a superior strength-to-density ratio. It’s tough, yet flexible composition makes for an extremely desirable material. HDPE is widely used in the United States for its numerous functions and abilities. The universality of this plastic ranges anywhere from food-safe plastics (being FDA approved) to tubing for piping. Other factors include its resistance towards weathering, odors, stains, etc. Also known for its ease of manufacturing, HDPE has a thin and pliable form, yet an extremely durable structure. HDPE is made from petroleum, which is harder and more opaque in color, and is a highly recyclable product. Recycled plastic is a must these days. Most people are conscious of the products’ materials and if they are sustainable or not matters. Many other great items come from this sort of plastic. Common examples of HDPE products consist of: soap bottles, milk cartons, shampoo and conditioner bottles, bleach and other cleaner containers, and so on. There’s also Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) which is used for grocery plastic bags or plastic wrap.

Plastic Wall Vents

Inspecting your exterior vents with season changes

With changing seasons, it’s essential to inspect those exterior vents to see how they’ve held up with extreme heat, wind, snow, hail and rain. Make sure there are no cracks or animals’ nests blocking the passage. If the vents are compromised at all, it’s best to replace them to properly ensure the seal is accurately functioning and intact. Ignoring faulty vents could compromise the integrity of the seal and cause further damage to a structures interior spaces. Make it a point to do a brief inspection prior to winter each year to ensure maximum efficiency from those vents.

Heavy duty plastic wall vent, the best option

Metal vents or cheap plastic vents are okay options, but they corrode and chip easily. The best solution is a heavy duty plastic wall vent. Their ability to withstand dents and harsh weather elements make them a perfect pick. Easy to fabricate and mold, this sturdy choice for plastic wall vents is a preferred winner amongst other products. These long-lasting vents have new resin technologies equipped with UV inhibitors to withstand endless hours of sunlight. Today’s plastic vents are designed to last over 30 years! One will be highly satisfied with their long term performance. FAMCO HDPE vents are ideal for exhaust vents and dryer vents as well as bathrooms. Our squared shaped vents come in multiple sizes with fast shipping. Available in fixed or movable louvers and study flanges to hold a tight seal. Be sure to check specific measurement requirements to ensure the part ordered is correct. With our wide variety of HVAC products, selecting the right, quality products has never been easier than shopping with FAMCO.

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