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It’s never too early to plan ahead!  That’s why we at FAMCO want to make sure your chimney is ready for winter, so we are bringing back our Fall Sale again this year! Until November 30th, you can use the promo code “CH15” at checkout to save 15% on your chimney caps and chimney accessories.

Shop our selection of quality chimney caps and masonry adaptors to make sure that this winter you can keep your home warm and cozy.

Why upgrade your chimney cap?

There’s nothing worse than having a drafty chimney that fills your home with smoke. An insufficient draw can be fixed by replacing your traditional chimney cap with a Wind Directional Chimney Cap or Vacuum Cap.

The FAMCO Wind Directional Chimney Cap does exactly what it says: It has a rotating hood that turns into the direction of the wind creating a partial vacuum inside of the cap, which promotes updraft and blocks downdraft. This rotating cap can be especially helpful in mountainous areas or valleys where strong winds can come from several different directions, depending on the weather and the time of year. In order to keep this cap functioning correctly, we recommend inspecting it seasonally for creosote build up, and to lubricate the bracket and shaft using Bostik High temperature stainless anti seize, or a similar anti seize product.

The FAMCO Round Base Vacuum Cap works in a very similar way to the Wind Directional cap, but without any moving parts. This cap creates a partial vacuum as air flows over the wagon-shapes gores, which separates the air stream and promotes updraft. This Cap works best when the strongest winds are blowing perpendicular to the openings or gores, as if wind were blowing onto the side of the “wagon.” Even so, it can still prevent downdraft and promote updraft regardless of the orientation of the cap.

For a more traditional look, the FAMCO Cone Top Chimney Cap gets the job done. Designed to prevent rain and snow from entering your chimney, this cap has a sleek design and low profile to fit the aesthetic of your home. This cap comes with a fixed base and bird screen, but the model without a screen includes an adjustable draw bolt band to secure the cap tightly to the pipe. These caps are available in Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Copper.

We also sell Chimney Cap Adapters for double wall pipe, and for square or rectangular flues. Our Wind Cap Adapter can be used with double or triple wall pipe to create a mount for our Wind Directional Cap, or any other cap with a round base. The FAMCO Masonry to Metal Chimney Transition is an adapter designed to fit over a square or rectangular flue and creates a mount for a round chimney cap. These are custom built to fit a variety of sizes of flue.

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Bulk Discounts + Free Shipping = Pro's Advantage
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