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Roof Vents

Roof vents are extremely important when it comes to attic ventilation.  In the summer, roof vents will reduce the air temperature, which reduces air conditioning, and in the winter they reduce the humidity level of the cold air, which in turn reduces costs for heating. Roof vents are available in many styles and materials.

Installing vents on the roof allows outside air to quietly pass through the intake vents and into attic space, which rises up through the roof vents. This becomes particularly important during warmer months when the attic of the home can become extremely hot.  The heat build up in the attic increases the temperature in the house making the air conditioner work harder.  This build up can also result in expensive repairs to the roof from cracking wood and premature aging.  The roof vents allow increased fresh air exchanges, lowering utility bills and cooling down the house.

The most common roof vents are manufactured in galvanized and painted steel, but can be manufactured in stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and high density plastics.  There are also many styles and models to choose from depending on the ventilation requirements of the attic.

They Include: Peak Vents and Gable Vents

It is important to choose the right roof vent to assure proper attic ventilation. FAMCO manufactures a wide variety of roof vents in plastic (BVDS/FA50) and metal (BK, JV, JVO, GBV, LRV).

Plastic Roof Vents

FAMCO plastic vents (FA50 / BVDS) are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDP). HDP is one of the most versatile and widely used plastics available. Outdoor integrity is maintained in all of our plastic products by the addition of UV inhibitors which protect the material from deterioration in sunlight. Our colors are added with stabilizers during the manufacturing process to prevent fading. These vents are resistant to cold, heat and ultraviolet rays. They will not rust, dent, fade or crack and are built to outlast most roofing materials. The vent has a low silhouette with a screen molded in to prevent bird nesting. This product is a standard residential roof vent with fifty square inches of net free area.

BK Vents

The BK roof vent is designed for use with bathroom or kitchen venting systems. These vents come with a damper (to prevent backdraft), and removable screen, and with or without a stem for flex or hard pipe connections.

J Vent

The JV roof vent is for use on any roofing material. It provides a low silhouette and is open on two sides for better air flow. It helps eliminate moisture and heat buildup. The JV can also be used for hard connect exhaust applications. The J Vent can be produced with several different options – curb mount, larger flange size, tall throat (for greater clearance between base flange and hood for flat roof applications) with a bottom stem and a hood with rounded or pinched corners.

The JVO38 roof vent is one of the best built and most reliable on the market. It features 38 square inches of open space, insect screen, low silhouette and a removable hood for access to the attic area when needed. It is open on all four sides for better air flow and unrestricted venting to help eliminate moisture and heat buildup.

Globe Vent

The Globe roof Vent (GBV) is an economical gravity ventilator for use on residential, commercial and industrial applications. The GBV features watertight construction and a low silhouette while offering positive draft for good air flow. The draw bolt collar (available in sizes up to 12”) offers secure fit, yet is easily removed when needed.
Louvered Roof Vent

The LRV50 (Louvered Roof Vent) is a great heavy duty vent for use on pitched roofs. This roof vent is one of the best built and most reliable on the market. It features 50 square inches of net free area attic ventilation, louvers on three sides, slant back and a low silhouette. This vent works best when used with soffit or gable end venting.

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