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  • FAMCO Butterfly Backdraft DamperFAMCO Butterfly Backdraft Damper
    Backdraft Dampers

    Butterfly Backdraft Damper

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  • FAMCO Motorized HVAC Damper – Normally ClosedFAMCO Motorized HVAC Damper – Normally Closed
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    Motorized HVAC Damper – Normally Closed

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  • Top-down shot of FAMCO Inline Butterfly Backdraft Damper in galvanized steel, closed.Top-down shot of FAMCO Inline Butterfly Backdraft Damper in galvanized steel, closed.
  • Inside view of FAMCO Reversible Backdraft Damper in aluminum.Inside view of FAMCO Reversible Backdraft Damper in aluminum.
    Backdraft Dampers

    Aluminum Wall Vent – Reversible Backdraft Damper

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  • Side-by-side comparison of FAMCO backdraft damper and wall vent.Side-by-side comparison of FAMCO backdraft damper and wall vent.
  • Inside view of FAMCO Motorized HVAC Damper.Inside view of FAMCO Motorized HVAC Damper.
    HVAC Dampers

    Motorized HVAC Damper – Normally Open

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  • Inside view of FAMCO Pressure Relief/Barometric Damper in galvanized steel.Inside view of FAMCO Pressure Relief/Barometric Damper in galvanized steel.
    HVAC Dampers

    Pressure Relief / Barometric Damper

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HVAC Dampers

Dampers are essential to the HVAC system. HVAC dampers can monitor air flow, temperature and humidity throughout homes and buildings. Some dampers are adjustable metal plates installed inside of a duct to close off or control the volume of heating and air conditioning in a specified room or area. These dampers can be motorized or manual.

In today’s world, energy costs are increasing rapidly. Dampers help home and building HVAC systems control the amount of conditioned air used in certain areas or rooms. Dampers can either shut off or allow air flow as desired and help to maintain comfortable temperatures for people and business equipment. Multi- level homes and businesses benefit by having dampers in the HVAC system to provide more comfortable living or working areas. Zone and bypass controllers control the dampers by managing air movement through the air ducts. A zone controller controls the temperature and ventilation specifications in one or more zones or space by operating one or more zone dampers. A pressure relief or barometric damper ensures the air pressure caused by the zone dampers will not harm the heating and cooling equipment. FAMCO manufactures motorized, pressure relief and backdraft dampers.

HVAC Backdraft dampers

Motorized Dampers

The FAMCO motorized HVAC dampers are available in spring return, multi blade and power open power close models. The ADO and ADC motorized dampers have a 24 volt or 120 volt motor option. End switches are also available with these models.  End switches allow another appliance to be operated when the damper has reached its full power position (either open or closed). The floating motor mount design assures proper alignment of motor, shaft and damper to prevent binding, while the clutch/coupler reduces the number of moving parts for greater service life. All ADC and ADO units without the end switch come with a flow control adjustment so that the damper blade can be blocked from opening or closing 100%. Please keep in mind that the end switch will not work if the flow control adjustment is preventing the damper from reaching its full powered position. Our Multi-Blade Dampers are used for zone control, air inlet and exhaust applications. This damper is built with aluminum opposed blades and provides minimum weight with maximum strength. This features a high torque 24 or 120 volt motor, with power open and spring close blades. The parallel blade design provides smooth operation and efficient low leak sealing. The Power Open Power Close Dampers come with a high torque 24 volt motor that operates in both directions. This damper features an easy wire terminal and 3 wires to integrate with two or three zone systems and a rotation switch to set at “normally open” or “normally closed”.

Pressure Relief Dampers

The FAMCO Pressure Relief Damper (often called a Barometric Damper) is commonly used to relieve built up pressure in zoned duct system that could potentially cause damage to HVAC equipment. The sliding weight can be adjusted to open when a certain pressure is reached. All zone systems should have a pressure relief system installed. This product is available in round models and with a foam seal to prevent air leaks.

Backdraft Dampers

The FAMCO Butterfly Damper is used as a back draft damper for heat exchangers, exhaust systems, solar heating systems and other intake or exhaust applications where a powered damper is not needed. This damper works in both horizontal or vertical positions and the foam seal provides minimal air leakage. Due to its unique design it opens easily with normal air flow and closes with gravity.

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