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300 Days Recordable Free at FAMCO

At FAMCO, we believe in fostering a culture of teamwork by prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our team. This week FAMCO is celebrating 300 days of recordable free incidents. Although we have reached this goal number previously, our team has recently designed unique strategies to ensure consistency in these numbers, year after year.

One of our biggest improvements to maintaining a safe environment is the implementation of new programs. These programs include hiring a dedicated safety coordinator, monthly safety training for the entire staff, establishing a cross-functional Safety Committee, RCA meetings and our Safety Stop program all with the purpose of educating our team on unsafe behaviors and encouraging a proactive and preventative mindset. Our Safety Stop program is exclusive to FAMCO and is designed to encourage employees to hold one another accountable for being safe at work. After someone is stopped for a safety concern, they must correct their behavior before proceeding to work. The individual that reported this stop then fills out a form and submits it into one of our drop boxes where they will later be enrolled into a raffle for their entry. Team Leads also receive bi-weekly reports of this data so they can monitor their department and make corrective suggestions.

Incentivizing our employees to remain aware of these safety hazards has had a great influence upon our days recordable free. Since systems like the Safety Stop program have been in place, there has been a noticeable difference within our workforce. The FAMCO team is more educated on the importance of safety than ever before. The creation of a safe place for open communication and getting everyone’s involvement has been significant to changing these behaviors. While there is room for growth, our team’s mindset on safety has greatly transformed over 12 months.

We believe that as a team, safety is everyone’s responsibility and the more that we can communicate with one another about these concerns, the easier it is to maintain a safety-minded culture. One of the ways we plan on continuing this education is by providing our team with hands-on training that is designed to simulate situations. Our Safety Committee also anticipates conducting audits to also prepare our workspace.

At FAMCO our focus is our team, not our accomplishments. While we take pride in our 300-day recordable free milestone, it would not be possible without all the members who extend a helping hand to their coworkers. Fostering a culture of safety is not exclusive to the strategies and programs in place, it is the FAMCO team that makes meeting these goals possible.

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