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  • Diagonal side view of FAMCO hooded wall vent in copper.Diagonal side view of FAMCO hooded wall vent in copper.
    Copper Vent Caps

    Hooded Wall Vent with Screen and Damper – Copper

    $124.95$254.95 Select options
  • FAMCO Copper Wall Vent with DamperFAMCO Copper Wall Vent with Damper
    Copper Vent Caps

    Copper Wall Vent with Damper (No Screen)

    $119.95$249.95 Select options
  • Side view of FAMCO hooded wall vent with screen in copper.Side view of FAMCO hooded wall vent with screen in copper.
    Copper Vent Caps

    Hooded Wall Vent with Screen (No Damper) – Copper

    $119.95$249.95 Select options
  • Copper Vent Caps

    Rectangular Wall Vent 3-1/4 in. x 10 in. – Copper

    $189.95$199.95 Select options

FAMCO makes finding top quality vents for your home or office easy and affordable. We pride ourselves in being an industry leader for providing the highest quality motorized dampers and our selection of copper wall vents is truly one of the best. If you are looking for copper wall vents that are easy to install, affordable, and long lasting, we have a wide variety for you to choose from for your upcoming project.

Choosing copper wall vents or galvanized steel vents

Many customers ask whether they should choose copper vents or galvanized steel vents. While everyone has their personal preference, there are many advantages to choosing copper. We’ve found that copper is becoming increasingly more popular on homes and offices. FAMCO offers a variety of copper vents, including round, rectangular, flat louvered, cone top shanty, and copper flange copper wall vents. If you’re not quite sure which option works best for your home, feel free to ask a customer service representative which would be best given the parameters of your project. The best news is that our vents are covered under warranty, erasing any initial hesitation you may have felt before purchase.

Copper Wall Vent - Rectangular

FAMCO’s name is synonymous with quality

As one of the largest manufacturers of ventilation products in the Pacific Northwest, we pride ourselves in offering vents and motorized dampers that will ultimately circulate clean and quality air into the homes of our customers. Our customers are often unaware of the role a copper wall vent plays in circulating clean air into the kitchen, bathroom, and attic. Without proper ventilation, these rooms begin to grow mildew, giving rise to a terrible musky odor and can ultimately have an impact on the quality of air you breath. Investing in copper vents will even impact your cooling bill in the summer! By ventilating attic space and lowering cooling costs in the summer months, you are saving costs in the long run!

Copper Wall Vent

Copper wall vents that are built to last

FAMCO copper vents are available in varying thickness, shapes, dimensions, and prices. You can rest assured that when you purchase copper wall vents from FAMCO, you are ordering a product that is built to last. The copper wall vents through FAMCO are all designed to be apart of a top functioning air filtration system.

Finding the right roofing solutions for your home or office is not always easy, which is why you need FAMCO’s experienced professionals to guide you through the process of finding the right copper wall vents for your project.

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