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Our collection of copper chimney caps keep rain and snow from going down the chimney pipe. We also have models that prevent downdraft by creating a partial vacuum within the hood. Our products range from shorter cone-top caps, to the “universal” inside-pipe style, to the wagon-style square or round base vacuum caps. All copper chimney caps are made in 16 ounce, 24 gauge thickness and come in  a variety sizes to suit multiple applications, both household to commercial. Whatever your chimney cap requirements are, we’re bound to have a solution for you. All copper chimney caps come with a 1-year warranty against product defects and workmanship flaws, and are manufactured by FAMCO in the United States.

Vacuum Caps Protect Your Home By Preventing Downdrafts

Our vacuum caps come with either a round base or a square base to fit a rectangular or square flue. These can be used for gas, coal, oil, or wood burning chimneys. They prevent downdrafts from the winds by creating a partial vacuum that allows the air to be drawn upward. Aligning or positioning the cap with the flat side facing the wind will make it the most effective. If you have strong winds that come from all directions and you do not have any kind of wind barrier near your house such as trees or another building, our wind directional chimney cap is also an excellent option – these wind directional chimney caps are available in galvanized or stainless steel.

Copper Chimney Caps - Round, Square, Cone

Copper Chimney Caps are Visually Appealing and Help your Home Stand Out

When strolling through your neighborhood, an astute observer might see minor details and differences in your neighbors’ homes. A gleam of light might catch your eye from the copper chimney cap making one home stand out from the rest. These subtle details go a long way not only for longevity but for sustainability. They will look great, and make you feel good about your choice to go with copper.

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