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  • Metal Roof Ridge Vents - Preventing Premature Aging in Your Roof

    FAMCO is proud to provide metal roof ridge vents that will allow for outside air to flow naturally out of an attic or roof. You may be wondering, how important is roof ventilation. While you may not want to face the reality in order to save on the cost, roof ventilation is extremely important for the well being of your roof. Metal roof ridge ventilation will lead to a cooler and drier room, free from the rotting and mildew that occurs when air cannot successfully circulate. Home owners need to be aware of the devastating effects of mold and mildew growing in the home and proactively take steps to prevent its growth. Metal Roof Ridge Vent

    Metal Roof Ridge Vents in a Variety of Styles

    FAMCO carries roof vents in a variety of different styles and materials that will reduce the air temperature in the summer and reduce the humidity level of cold air in the winter. Because we carry such a variety of HVAC and roofing parts in our inventory, we will be able to help you find parts that are right for you particular home.

    How does a metal roof ridge vent work?

    It provides a way for air to escape, which is especially important if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. Without metal roof ridge vents that help ensure proper ventilation, you can expect to pay for expensive repairs. With metal roof ridge vents, you can actually reduce the costs for heating. It’s amazing what metal roof ridge vents can do to ensure proper ventilation. We can help you find a roof ridge vent that blends in with the rest of your roof if appearance is a concern of yours. Investing in metal roof ridge vents can prevent premature aging in your roof, which will require expensive repairs in the long room. You will also enjoy a lower utility bill and fresher air as a result! Save
  • Wall Vent Covers

    FAMCO offers wall vent covers that are not only functional but attractive as well. Ask any homeowner who lives in an area of the country that experiences extreme weather conditions, and they will tell you how important it is to live in a place with proper circulation and ventilation. Without proper ventilation, your home will not only become uncomfortable but potentially harmful to your health. Investing in a proper high quality ventilation system is essential, one that will save you money in the long run. Wall vent covers will allow you to keep your home aesthetically pleasing while fulfilling its practical purpose.

    Why is proper ventilation worth investing in?

    Without an efficient ventilation system, you will end up wasting a ton of money as your system eats up energy costs unnecessarily. Mold and mildew builds up in a ventilation system that isn’t working properly, which will result in an even more costly bill. Wall vent covers play an important role in protecting your ventilation system from debris and pollution from the outside. Wall vent covers are key in providing not only a practical purpose but also add style to your home. If you have never done this before and need some insight, rest assured that this is what we are here for! Wall Vent Covers

    Finding the Right Wall Vent Cover

    FAMCO assists customers in finding the right shape and size of wall vent covers for your ventilation system. We help customers figure out the exact dimensions and sizing to ensure the perfect fit for your home’s needs. We offer wood and metal wall vent colors. We help our customers find the vent covers that will remove heat and moisture that build up in the ducts. Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, FAMCO is proud to serve customers throughout the world. We manufacture the very best quality wall vents to contractors and retailers, taking pride in the fact that we offer some of the top quality products at amazing prices.
  • Finding the Right Motorized Damper

    You may not realize that motorized dampers play an important role in the production of good air quality. Too many folks overlook the importance of fresh, high quality air in the places where you spend the most time, including your home and office. Overtime, inhaling poor quality air can have devastating effects on your overall health and well being.

    How does a motorized damper work?

    We all know that motorized dampers play an essential role in the production of high quality air, but do we know how they operate? The damper regulates the flow of air inside the air conditioner or air handling equipment. Without a quality damper, the entire air filtration system can experience damage over time. The damper is what allows you to control the temperature from room-to-room, allowing you more freedom and control over your comfort. Motorized Dampers FAMCO motorized dampers are some of the most trusted products in air filtration. FAMCO has one of the largest supplies of air filtration products, with a variety of sizes available allowing customers to find exactly what they need. We carry inventory that simply cannot be found with our competitors and we pride ourselves in being able to provide what others cannot. As one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest manufacturers, we have set out to streamline the production process, using only the very best quality materials. Because we put quality first, our customers find that they are not constantly replacing damaged parts, but instead enjoying their products for years after purchase. Our customers can save time and money in the process. What a relief! Located in Meridian, Idaho, our inventory of roof and pipe flashing, ventilation products, and specialty building products make their way to customers throughout the world. We take great pride in leaving our customers satisfied by providing the very best roofing and HVAC products on the market.
  • Copper Vent Hoods

    Whether you are building a house or improving on an existing building, there are several small things that can add both value and efficiency to your structure. Venting and filtration can be relatively easy fixes or improvements that can help your home or building function better, in addition to adding value. Vent hoods can help create better air filtration throughout your building or home and can help create a better air quality inside. Vent hoods can come in many different varieties, the best vent hoods on the market are copper vent hoods. These types of hoods are better for many different reasons. The most common reasons being that they are easy to maintain and they are durable. Copper hoods can function at a higher quality because they don’t require extra maintenance. These hoods are also more appealing than other types of hoods, and they can add on to the looks of your home or building. Copper Vent Hoods

    High Quality HVAC and Roofing Ventilation Products

    FAMCO provides some of the best copper vent on the market. We manufacture these hoods at affordable prices using top of the line materials and craftsmanship. Many times vents get overlooked because they appear to be a small part of a house or building, compared to other parts. However vents are among the most important part of a building because it sets the tone for the air quality and things like heating and cooling. Choosing the right vent hood can be hard because there are so many different options out there. At FAMCO we have a large variety, all are excellent quality and will be able to perform consistently, which makes picking out the right hood an easy task. Copper is the best choice for your vent hood for various reasons, and it won’t break the bank. Using copper makes it easier on you, because they require little maintenance and are long lasting. No matter what your needs are, FAMCO has the right option for you.
  • Copper Chimney Cap

    Having a fireplace means that you need a good working chimney and chimney cap. A poor quality chimney will lead to poor ventilation, a lot of maintenance, and will make having a fire place turn into a burden. Maintaining a fireplace can be easier than you think. With the right equipment and materials fireplaces require much less upkeep and attention. Chimney caps are an important part of keeping your fireplace working. A good chimney cap will help keep your fireplace well ventilated, which means less work and cleaning for you. There is a variety of different chimney caps available, but it is important that you choose the right type. Copper chimney caps are excellent choices in order to keep your fireplace functioning at its best. At FAMCO we provide top of the line copper chimney caps that can fit your budget and help make your home look better. Copper Chimney Cap

    Copper Chimney Caps are Affordable and Install in Minutes

    Copper is an excellent choice for chimney caps for various different reasons. First off a copper chimney cap will help improve the overall look on your house. Many caps do not fit, and are an eye sore on your house. Copper looks good and performs at a superior level than other materials. Copper helps facilitate ventilation and prevents smoke and dirt buildups on your cap. A breathable chimney cap is essential to a properly functioning fireplace. Copper caps are affordable and easy to install. They will most likely save you time and money in the long run from not having to do maintenance on your fireplace as often. FAMCO provides copper chimney caps for an affordable price that can fit any budget. We have many different options and sizes available to be able to work with any type and size of fireplace you may have. If you are tired of having to do a lot of extra work because of a bad chimney cap, then it is time to start looking into copper. It’s time to start enjoying that fireplace and not worry about all the extra work it could cause if you don’t have the right chimney cap.
  • Finding the Right Wall Vent

    Whether it’s your house or a commercial building, a properly working ventilation system is key to a good working, healthy, and comfortable atmosphere. It can make all the difference in the air quality and even other factors of your building such as appliances, and how hard everything else has to work. Good air quality means less maintenance and extra costs for you. It is important to have the right ventilation products and system in place. Poor quality ventilation products will have you paying more to fix things, and you will have to replace ventilation parts more often. FAMCO offers top notch ventilation products so you can avoid extra costs and have a high functioning and comfortable home or commercial space. Wall Vents

    Top Quality Wall Vents - Residential or Wholesale

    Wall vents are essential pieces of equipment to assure your ventilation system is at its best. These vents can be used for exhaust purposes or air supply. We offer many different types and materials to best suit your budget and the needs of your house or building. Our products are made from durable materials that will keep your air quality fresh and clean. Having to deal with bad ventilation products can be a hassle, and an expensive one at that. We stand behind our products at FAMCO, and we make sure all of our products will be able to handle what they are built to do. Many times air quality and ventilation are not given as much attention as they deserve. A good ventilation system can make all the difference, and you will notice it. We have dryer wall vents, intake vents, wall exhaust vents, and much more. No matter what ventilation product you are looking for FAMCO has the right one for you. Wall vents are among the most common and useful pieces of equipment, so you need to be sure you are choosing the right one. We have many different options available to fit your needs and the budget you are working with. If you’re building a new home or commercial building, or just looking to make improvements to an existing structure, FAMCO has all the ventilation products you could need.
  • Motorized Damper Prices

    When building or renovating a home, price is one of the deciding factors in what products and services you will use. At the same time you do not want to sacrifice quality and risk having to pay more money down the road for repairs or upkeep. This is also true of dampers. Motorized dampers are vital in keeping the air in your home fresh, healthy, and comfortable. It is not a piece of equipment that you want to overlook. It is important to get a good quality damper to reduce costs of repairs, and maintain a healthy and comfortable home. At FAMCO we provide dampers that can do just that all for an affordable price. Motorized damper prices can differ greatly, but with our products you can be sure you’ll be getting a great quality for a great price. Motorized Damper Prices

    FAMCO dampers are an excellent choice to avoid high maintenance costs

    Our dampers are made out of top quality materials and we assure against poor workmanship and product defects. Having a home with poor air quality can lead to a lot more problems than just discomfort. Bad air circulation can lead to wear and tear throughout your home, which in the long run increases the cost to keep your home up and running. FAMCO dampers are an excellent choice to avoid high maintenance costs and you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing it. Our products are built to help make your home easy to maintain, cut costs, and make your life a little less hectic. Our motorized damper prices are competitive, affordable, and well worth the investment. When you are looking for a damper remember that it is important to a high quality damper to help your home operate and function at its best. FAMCO provides dampers that can not only meet your budget but also your expectations. Our products are made from excellent materials and they have less moving parts so you won’t have to fix them as often. We can help your home be at its best.
  • Motorized Dampers

    Air quality can influence your overall health - for better and for worse. Poor air quality in your home or office can have devastation effects on your health overtime, which can include headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Keeping air fresh and crisp will not only keep you healthy but comfortable in your space. Whether you realize it or not, motorized dampers play a huge role in helping you breathe better as you enjoy the benefits of top quality air.

    FAMCO Motorized Dampers Why are motorized dampers essential to the production of good air quality? The damper regulates the flow of air inside the air handling equipment, and without a quality damper, the entire air filtration system suffers. Without a damper, you will be unable to regulate the temperature room-by-room and control the climate to be comfortable for you and those around you.

    Finding the Well-Built Motorized Dampers Online

    A well-functioning air filtration system is paramount, as it controls the flow of air. Built to last, a FAMCO motorized damper will keep your air filtration system working long after installation and is available in a variety of sizes, allowing customers to find exactly what they need. In fact, we have customers report that they found first time and replacement pieces with FAMCO that they were unable to find with our competitors. Using the finest raw materials available and an experience team in place since 1989, FAMCO has successfully streamlined the production process.

    FAMCO is a leader in providing top quality motorized dampers that are easy to install. Each piece is designed to minimize moisture, allowing only the purest air to get through. Naturally our use of top quality materials results in customers raving about the longevity and effectiveness of FAMCO products. Built to last, choosing FAMCO allows you to circumvent the process of replacing parts for your system on a regular basis, which can be costly and time consuming.

    We are proud to be one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest manufacturers, providing roof and pipe flashings, ventilation products, and specialty building products. Located in Meridian, Idaho we take great pride that our products are used throughout the world
  • Backdraft Damper

    It is important to have a good air quality in your house because it helps create a comfortable atmosphere, as well as a healthy one. There are several different ways to help enhance the air quality in your house. FAMCO provides many different products that can help improve the air quality in your home. Our products are all made from excellent materials and are built to last. They are easy to maintain and won’t require a lot of extra time and money to repair. Backdraft Damper Getting better air quality in your home is easy with FAMCO’s backdraft damper. There are many advantages to using a damper. Our HVAC dampers come in various sizes to best fit your needs and to help your house perform at its best. Another advantage is that they are easy to install and they are convenient for households. They are also excellent at keeping the air fresh and remove stuffy and heavy air. Backdraft dampers are a good choice if you are looking for a good quality product that can help improve not only the air quality of your home, but your home itself. Air backdraft can be a common problem that a damper can fix. Our dampers help create better air flow through the entire home making it easier to maintain all part of you ventilation, as well as being used to allow make-up air into your home.

    Quality backdraft dampers will make it easier to maintain your ventilation system

    It is important to understand how the quality of air in your home can affect so many other aspects of your life and your house. Better air quality has health benefits, and makes your house feel more comfortable. A good quality damper will make it easier to maintain your ventilation system and save you from having to pay more money to repair a poor ventilation system. All of FAMCO’s roofing and HVAC products are crafted excellently and with some of the best materials. Our products are built to last and built to help improve the quality of your home. We are proud of our products and confident in what they can do for the air quality in your home. Save Save
  • Motorized Dampers

    Controlling the air flow in your home or building is essential to maintain comfort and health. Bad air quality can lead to a lot of issues and cause extra damages to the structure. When you do not have the right air filtration system in place it causes the air to be filtered out slowly and sometimes it doesn’t work properly. Things like mold and other issues can arise due to poor air quality and filtration. To avoid this and issues that are causes by poor air filtration it is essential that you have the right equipment in place. FAMCO provides air filtration systems to help your home or building have great air quality, and saves you time and money by not having to deal with easily avoidable issues. Our motorized damper is the perfect solution to get your structure running with the right air filtration system, and zone control avoiding all those unwanted problems. Motorized Dampers

    Our motorized damper is among the best on the market

    At FAMCO we provide quality HVAC Dampers and products made from excellent materials and workmanship. We also have a variety of different products so you can get exactly what you need with the budget that you have. Our products are built to last so you won’t have to worry about continuously repairing or replacing your vents or dampers. We guarantee that our products will be free of defective materials and poor workmanship. Our motorized damper is among the best on the market, and will help improve your air quality and avoid things such as mold and other easily avoidable issues. We have a variety of roofing products to best suit your needs and help get you up and running, without having to worry about constant upkeep and maintenance. Our motorized HVAC dampers are built to last! Save

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