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Copper Roof Vents

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  • Diagonal front shot of FAMCO Bath/Kitchen Roof Vent with Extension in copper.Diagonal front shot of FAMCO Bath/Kitchen Roof Vent with Extension in copper.
  • FAMCO Bath Fan Or Kitchen Exhaust (can be used as either application) - Roof Vent - CopperFAMCO Bath Fan Or Kitchen Exhaust (can be used as either application) - Roof Vent - Copper
    Copper Roof Vents

    Bath Fan / Kitchen Exhaust – Roof Vent – Copper

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  • FAMCO Roof Vent - 38 sq. in. Net Free Area - Copper (Top-Side View)FAMCO Roof Vent - 38 sq. in. Net Free Area - Copper (Top-Side View)
    Attic Ventilation

    Copper Roof Vent – 38 sq. in. Net Free Area

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  • Side view of FAMCO J Vent in copper.Side view of FAMCO J Vent in copper.
    Attic Ventilation

    J Vent – Copper

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Many homeowners recognize the importance of attic insulation to help keep heating and cooling costs under control. Using a good roof vent is just as valuable. Our copper roof vents are used to ventilate attics. It’s crucial to provide maximum ventilation. Without ventilating the attic, for example, you’ll put more strain on your air conditioner unit. It’s important to take care of these costly appliances and not overwork them. One simple way is by making sure your roof vents are properly ventilating the appropriate space.

Copper – A “Green” Product

Upgrading your homes’ look with copper will not only add an element of sleekness, but it will last substantially longer. Copper is considered a “green” product since it’s an organically sourced element. It’s fully recyclable and rarely needs to be replaced – a great alternative to other plastics. Since copper is a more durable material, it holds up better against the outdoor elements. Copper has been used frequently in green-certified buildings.

Copper is always in style and gives your home a unique look that’s not cookie-cutter. It is a trusted metal that has been used in architecture for many centuries. We manufacture top-quality products, making copper a smart choice for all your ventilation needs.

Copper Roof Vents

Copper Roof Vents – Great for Heat Conductivity

Copper is starting to pop up more frequently, for instance, copper cookware has been a very popular choice recently. It serves as a faster, better way to evenly cook food. Copper conducts heat really well due to its ability to heat up and cool down quickly offering better cooking control. Regular pans take awhile for the heat to adjust to the heat settings, hence the reason Pros and Chefs utilize this type of pan. Finicky foods that require close attention to temperature like candy and hollandaise often work well in copper pans also assisting in avoiding hotspots. Other popular reasons to use copper is the non-stick, easy to clean aspect. Since these beauties are more aesthetically appealing, they are often placed on display on exposed shelves or from hooks in a kitchen. Why not apply that concept to homes? Heat conductivity works amazingly well with Copper. They change temperature almost immediately when temperatures rise or plummet. The provided extra durability makes this high-grade material perfect for either residential or commercial use. They also offer a unique, custom look to any home.

Dual Functionality of Strength and Aesthetics with Copper Roof Vents

Using copper roof vents for bathroom or kitchen exhaust outlets is a smart choice by providing dual functionality of strength and aesthetics. This lustrous metal will last a lifetime and not fade like other materials have known to. Impervious to weathering elements, copper can withstand high heat without melting like other plastics can. If you don’t want to have to worry about eventually replacing your vents, copper is a good alternative. Cheaper vents will need to be continually replaced. Copper has the ability to withstand harsh elements and will hold up against time. With drier climates, copper takes longer to patina overtime vs wetter climates. Copper looks exquisite when paired with brick exterior facades and is eye-catching. These stand out features make a more individualized home. Whether you’re building a house yourself or choosing on behalf of a homeowner opting for copper to last the lifetime of the home is a clear and obvious choice.

See the specs for venting requirements. We pride our products on being hand-crafted perfectly designed with the customer in mind to provide impeccable specs and sizing options for any project. Made in 16 ounce beautiful copper, appealing to great design choice for any project. With our quality-made products, we manufacture and secure shopping and speedy delivery, that makes FAMCO a no-brainer when it comes to high quality roofing needs.

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