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Details About FAMCO’s IAQ Economizer – A Different Kind of Economizer

While the FAMCO IAQ Economizer is an “Economizer,” it is not an economizer relying on SUBSTITUTION as the basis of operation. Operation of the FAMCO IAQ Economizer is based on a philosophy we call “Preferred Benefit.” Preferred Benefit begins with the realization that temperature and Indoor Air Quality are interdependent but evaluated differently. The FAMCO IAQ Economizer utilizes this difference to expand both the energy savings and the economizer benefit delivered. With this in mind we designed a different kind of economizer:

• The system rewards users with more Fresh Air and greater comfort in exchange for using less energy to run their air conditioner.

• Can be configured to provide outdoor air introductions in conjunction with an Indoor Air Quality/CO2 sensor or with an Alarm input from a CO alarm.

• Occupants can EASILY choose outdoor air over mechanical cooling whenever they want.

• Real designed reliability through continuous error detection, diagnostics and reporting.

• Installation is made simple – Error proof quick connects and simple terminations make wiring as simple as installing a thermostat.

• Out of the box it is ready to do its job. FAMCO IAQ Economizer – A Different Kind of Economizer. A Better Kind of Economizer

FAMCO Economizer Installation Instructions

For more info, please email: [email protected]

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