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Foundation Vents

FAMCO offers a variety of Louvered Foundation Vents in sizes to fit each unique need. These vents are manufactured in three various dimensions of 4×16”, 6×16” or 8×16” in either unfinished galvanized, pre-painted galvanized, or aluminum metals. This particular vent promotes natural air movement in enclosed spaces such as in foundation walls or crawl spaces. Proper ventilation of the home is necessary in preventing unwanted dampness. Installing top-quality foundation vents will help maintain a sufficient amount of air flow ensuring adequate air circulation as well as reducing moisture build-up under structures. Available with or without a damper or screen, these vents are perfect for air flow movement. Other great features include a hemmed edge for a fortitude that’ll endure time, as well as a hinges that are resistant to corrosion. All include an easy to install large flange for effortless mounting.

Crawl spaces are common in homes in the United States

Whether or not they’re sealed or unsealed is another issue. Whether or not a crawl space is practical depends on building codes and new construction ideologies. Since the 40’s, it has always been proper to vent crawl spaces on opposite ends of the building and to add insulation to the ceiling; whereas newer construction tends to seal the crawl space. Updated in 2010, foundation vents are no longer necessary if a crawl space is adequately sealed and a vapor barrier with taped seams is in place. Ultimately the end goal is the same; to enclose the space like a thermal envelope with proper exchange of air in place.

Foundation Vents

Fiberglass insulation does a nice job of keeping out moisture

Once it gets warm or damp (which is bound to happen beneath a building), it tends to collapse and fall; therefore, not remaining fluffy and able to provide its intended function to keep an area dry and clean. If vented, it basically creates a miniature basement atmosphere and despite what one would think, doesn’t cost more on heating bills. A combination of heating the crawl space, coupled with the natural air flow direction of heat, causes the floor to be greatly improved versus a stone cold start. Heat rising is not lost into attic space by starting down a layer. The warmer air will help the furnace not run as many heat cycles. Thus, less dampness formulating from humid warm air, meeting cooler air beneath a structure. Either way is neither right or wrong, as long as the space is clear and dry the functionality will remain the same.

Another steadfast way to protect crawl spaces from obtaining more moisture than necessary is to confirm that all downspouts and gutters are functioning properly and not pooling water around a homes’ foundation. Irrigation is also another key factor in protecting a homes’ foundation as well as not keeping piles of wood or shrubbery that’ll attract insects and other pests near the base of the home.

Huge online selection of Foundation Vents

Check our various sizes for the net free area required under our specs section. An affordable way to provide a moisture-free and affordable venting option. Go with a reliable name you can trust for any application. FAMCO – Quality HVAC & Roofing Solutions Since 1989.

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