Round Base Chimney Caps

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FAMCO manufactures four different round based chimney caps; The Wind Directional Cap, Cone Top Cap, Universal Cap and the Vacuum Cap.

The most effective draft inducing chimney caps are those that separate the wind stream as it flows over the cap and those that rotate to align with the wind direction. The Wind Directional Cap does both to provide maximum drafting. In usage, the rotating hood is kept in proper position (relative to the wind) by the wind vane. Air movement past the hood creates a partial vacuum in the flue, enhancing draft efficiency and helping to prevent downdrafts.

The Cone Top Cap is a standard replacement rain cap. It is used as an all weather (seamless) cap to keep rain and snow from getting down your chimney pipe. This product is built for a single wall pipe and comes with a draw bolt for a secure fit and can also be ordered with a ¼ inch screen.

The Universal Cap is an ideal replacement cap made to fit inside multi-wall chimney pipe. The cap has a one piece hood that is removable to make cleaning easier and an oversized storm collar welded in place to protect the chimney. The Universal Cap was designed to replace the more expensive caps supplied by the chimney manufacturers. It meets the manufacturer’s standards of quality and performance.

The Vacuum Cap has been used for decades with gas, oil, coal and wood burning chimneys. This chimney cap increases updraft and prevents downdrafts caused from wind. The Vacuum Cap works by forcing the wind to alter its direction over one of three gores on the cap. This change of direction creates an area of lower density air (partial vacuum) at the outlet of the pipe. This lower density air creates draft within the exhaust pipe, helping to remove exhaust gases and increasing overall efficiency.

Instructions for installing a wind directional cap

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