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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garage Space

Not everyone has a spacious 3-car garage with extra storage, but even if they did, they would likely still be interested in maximizing their available storage space. Doing so prevents them from having to rent out an additional storage unit, absorbing another cost in the process, and when done right, can have the cascade effect of helping the homeowner effectively organize and safely store their belongings while still allowing them to park their vehicle(s) in the garage as intended.

So regardless of how big or small your garage is, here are five ways you can make the most of what you have by optimally organizing your garage space.

Know What Not to Store In Your Garage

There are a few items that you likely have in your garage right now that are either taking up too much space, consuming too much energy, or both. Below is a list of items that do not belong in a garage, and they include:

  • Pet food (these should be stored in enclosed containers inside your house to prevent pests like raccoons and possums from tunneling into your home)
  • Refrigerators and freezers (not only are they space hogs, but they also run constantly to maintain their temperature, creating a costly energy drain)
  • Flammable materials (propane tanks, fuel, Sterno, etc.)
  • Paint (can become unstable in extreme temperatures)

Wall Shelves and Pegboards Save Space

A securely hung pegboard with screws along with a combination of wire or open shelving is an excellent way to keep tools, gear, and other necessities off of the floor and neatly organized. Rather than digging through countless boxes and potentially dealing with nesting insects or other critters, these keep your belongings accessible, dry, and out of the way until you need them.

Consider Storage Bags for Holiday Decorations

Rather than throwing all of those holiday decorations into a huge box to untangle/decipher next season, canvas storage bags are an excellent way to store artificial trees, ornaments, and other decorative items you would rather keep dry and safe from dust, pests, and other hazards. Many of these lay flat, and can be stacked depending on the model. Be sure to consider your present and potential future needs before purchase.

Slat Walls In Your Garage Can Make it Fully Customizable

If your needs are more dynamic or you have multiple bulky items, such as bicycles and ride-alongs, installing slats along each wall can allow for wall hooks and shelving to be installed on an as-needed basis to better address evolving needs. This approach can work in both large and small garages, and is only limited by the owner’s imagination.

Install Corner Shelving

In a pinch, corner shelving can come in handy for storing car care chemicals or anything else that you would like to keep close at hand. These shelves are out of the way by design, and yet offer a quick solution for the storage of spray cans, cloths, and other small items.

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