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How Does a Backdraft Damper Work

Improving the quality of air in your home or workspace is not difficult with the right products. FAMCO is an Idaho-based company determined to provide quality ventilation and building products to customers throughout the world who are looking to improve their air quality, which can have a lasting impact on their health, for better or worse. Before investing in a backdraft damper, it may be helpful to learn a little bit more about how the product works.

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Backdraft dampers to fit a variety of different size ducts

Typically, the backdraft damper is situated into the duct system and prevents air from the outside coming into your home. Dampers are built with blades designed to allow air to flow through in one direction out of the house, keeping cold air outside during the winter months. Backdraft dampers are easy to install. In fact, most home owners can do it themselves without the help of a professional. They run efficiently and quietly, leaving homeowners to forget that they’re even part of the process. Regardless of the size of your duct network, FAMCO has backdraft dampers to fit a variety of different size ducts. Well-made and built to last, FAMCO customers can rest assured that they are not investing in a product that will easily break or suffer in quality with use. For this reason, our customers can feel confident in their purchases with FAMCO.

Backdraft dampers are good for more than just regulating airflow into your home

They also help improve household ventilation. Effective household ventilation is critical for a comfortable, livable home and a backdraft damper helps circulate odors in all rooms of your home from the laundry room to kitchen to attic. Rooms that do not typically enjoy good circulation will benefit. The vent motor can be easily adjusted to get air flowing and to balance pressure in different spaces within the home. Check out our aluminum wall vent reversible backdraft damper, our butterfly backdraft damper, or our galvanized wall vent reversible backdraft damper.

The homeowner looking for a way to avoid that stale smell in their home will appreciate what exactly the backdraft damper does to keep their homes smelling and feeling fresh.

Since 1989, FAMCO has been helping customers by offering superior customer service decide which product will help them achieve the living space or work space they need to be healthy and happy. Let us help you too!

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