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Different Types of Wall Vents

There are different types of wall vents (Dryer, Kitchen, & Bath Exhaust Vents. Hooded, Dampers, or Louvered, etc…)

Indoor air quality and ventilation should be any homeowner’s top priority. FAMCO is proud to manufacture top quality wall vents and caps to customers throughout the world. Investing in different types of wall vents is vital in order to prevent the growth of mold, lowering the air quality and potentially wreaking havoc on your health. FAMCO is proud to serve customers throughout the world, providing top quality wall vents, keeping rooms such as your kitchen and bathroom free from indoor humidity problems brought on by moisture.

How important is a wall vent? Without an efficient ventilation system, many folks unknowingly waste money every year with a system that eats up energy, operates poorly, and winds up costing more money in the long run. Wall vents protect your ventilation system from pollution and debris from the outside that wreak havoc on the air quality that comes into your home. Poor ventilation can be potentially harmful to your health so this is one detail in which you should not cut corners.

We can help you find the right shape, size, and type of wall vent to install in your home or office. Our selection includes wall vents with a wood and metal finish, and plastic wall vents that are available in different colors to match the aesthetic of the room. We offer metal and plastic wall vents, with metal wall vents available in aluminum, galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, powdered coat, copper, and more.

Unsure of whether a heavy duty wall vent, hooded metal wall vent or plastic wall vent is right for you? No problem! Our team can help you choose the right wall vents. Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, we help customers throughout the world find the perfect vent covers that will remove moisture that builds up, slowing down their ventilation and resulting in poor air quality.

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