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HVAC Essentials: Special Considerations for Bathroom Ventilation

The bathroom is the wettest part of the house, and therefore is highly susceptible to moisture damage over time. Without proper ventilation, trapped moisture will work its way into the drywall, where it begins to rot and provide the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Just like any room in your house, proper ventilation is important in preventing damage before it occurs, but for bathrooms, it becomes even more crucial.

Here are some of the special considerations that come into play whenever you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading your bathroom’s ventilation system.

Choose the Correct Fan

Most homes are bound by state code surrounding bathroom fans and their proper usage. For you, the homeowner, not having the correct fan installed can spell trouble due to trapped moisture. Throw in a consistent output of steam from hot showers with nowhere to go and you have a recipe for mold/mildew damage.

Bathroom fans come in a variety of styles, which could also include lighting and humidity sensors that turn on the fan once it reaches a specific level.

The size of the bathroom matters as well when determining the proper fan for your particular use. Most contractors like to achieve a full air exchange between the bathroom and the outside, which figures in the square footage of the space, and options to achieve this end can be discussed with them.

Typical Habits that Can Negatively Impact Ventilation

You may not think about it, but every time you leave a wet shower curtain bunched up to one side or leave a wet towel in the corner, it traps moisture, which then contributes to the overall humidity level of the bathroom.

To prevent this from occurring and making your ventilation system work harder, make sure that you wipe up all puddles and close the shower curtain when you exit the shower. Doing so allows moisture to run back into the tub and not build up in the folds of the curtain where mildew will eventually occur.

Also be sure to keep your bathroom fan’s grill clear of dust and debris. Giving it a quick wipe with a sponge every 2 weeks or as needed helps keep the fan operating at maximum efficiency.

Consider a Window or Passive Vent

Instead of putting the entire onus of bathroom ventilation on your fan, installing a small window or passive vent(s) near the ceiling will allow moisture to escape. Passive vents are not electrical and when opened, will vent moisture into the ductwork and eventually outside. Some HVAC systems even position this vent in such a way that it re-enters the home through an intake vent during the winter months, where it helps keep your home warm while keeping your energy costs down..

How FAMCO Can Help

FAMCO is the Pacific Northwest’s largest manufacturer of HVAC equipment. Our advice? Increase the efficiency of your bathroom’s ventilation system by using one of our stylish and hardy piped exhaust vents. Check us out and see how we can help you make your bathroom ventilation system the best it can be.

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