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Marty’s Month

Our founder, Marty Artis, often said ‘we believe that the strength of our team is our greatest advantage.’  It was his belief that this was the most important of the FAMCO Family Values.

Marty wanted to create a company where people could work hard and be recognized and rewarded for helping us get closer to our goal of becoming the #1 choice in ventilation.  For many of the employees who had the pleasure of working with Marty, they universally describe him as a caring individual who was consistently interacting with the team and asking how he could help them reach their goals.

With Marty’s recent passing, FAMCO has established a new employee benefit that honors Marty’s legacy of being a compassionate leader.  The program is called “Marty’s Month”, a 1-month paid sabbatical leave granted to every full-time employee every 5 years. 

The first person to take a Marty’s Month Sabbatical is one of our longest tenured employees, Alex Herrington.  Alex has been with the company for over 30 years!  He started working at FAMCO while in college after being introduced to the company through a mutual connection, and since then has advanced in his career through multiple positions. Starting in production, Alex has taken on roles in production management, operations management, purchasing, scheduling, and engineering. Alex says that FAMCO has encouraged this growth in his career while also fostering an entertaining and fun environment.

In his time with FAMCO, Alex has never taken more than a week off at a time from work.  He is well-deserving of this long-overdue break! While Alex is on his sabbatical, he and his wife plan on spending time in the outdoors camping, hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and exploring different parts of Idaho in his truck.  In between adventures, Alex will be doing some home improvement projects and spending quality time with his wife before she heads back to work for the school district.

FAMCO is proud of the employees like Alex who have committed themselves to their work over the years and we’re thrilled to recognize him as our first participant in the Marty’s Month Sabbatical!

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