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Motorized Dampers – Regulating The Quality of Air

Many of us give little thought to the way that air quality impacts our long-term health. Motorized dampers play a big part in regulating the quality of air that enters our homes, offices, and other places where we spend the most time. Breathing in polluted air overtime can result in headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and chronic exhaustion. A motorized damper is small piece, but plays a huge role in regulating the air in your home, which makes the investment in quality well worth it.

Motorized Dampers - Regulating The Quality of Air

What role does a motorized damper play in the overall air filtration system? The damper helps regulate the temperature room-by-room, allowing you to control and adjust the temperature to your liking. Now that you understand the importance of a motorized damper, you may wonder where you can buy one.

FAMCO is a leader in producing the highest quality, easy to install dampers. What makes FAMCO dampers worth it? Each damper by FAMCO is made to minimize moisture, restricting the air that comes through to ensure that only the purest air enters your home. Built to last and available in a variety of sizes, we service customers with varying needs throughout the nation. In business since 1989, we pride ourselves on providing customers with their first install and replacement pieces that cannot be found with our competitors. By using the finest raw materials available in creating our motorized dampers, we keep our customers loyal. Our goal is to keep you from having to replace parts on a regular basis, which can be time consuming, expensive, and not to mention frustrating!

As one of the largest Pacific Northwest’s manufacturers, we provide customers with everything from roof and pipe flashing, ventilation products, including dampers, and other specialty building products that cannot be found with our competitors. Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, located just minutes outside of the state capitol of Boise, we pride ourselves on having a customer-base throughout the nation. Our experienced team can help you learn more about motorized dampers and how you can better the quality of air in your home overall. When it comes to the health of you and your family, we do not recommend cutting corners.

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