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NEW: Wholesale Portal

FAMCO is proud to announce the upcoming release of our Wholesale Portal. Designed with the Professional in mind, the portal will be very similar to the FAMCO website but will include features that are more specifically designed for our wholesale customers.


With FAMCOs Wholesale Portal, customers can choose to place their purchase online without having to communicate with a representative through email or make a phone call. Open 24/7, wholesale customers can place their order anytime and anywhere, on any device.


FAMCOs Wholesale Portal also allows our wholesale customers to track their order through the website. Once your order is placed through the portal, that order location can be found under the account information. This tracking system will be viewable on the account once the order is processed through our system and approved.  


Another feature that FAMCO is proud to announce is the ability to view previous orders. FAMCO wants to make the product searching experience easy for their wholesalers. In the account, wholesalers can locate their order history, find the products by date it was ordered, thereby making the renewal of frequent purchases quick and convenient.


Similar to our current website, all of our product specifications and descriptions will be available to view or download. FAMCO wants to ensure that our customers are equipped with all the needed tools before making a purchase. These resources will be available for each individual product.

Within the portal you can save these documents into your account, making them easily available for future reference. This is another way in which our wholesalers don’t lose the documentation needed for their frequent product purchases.

We believe FAMCO wins when the customer wins. With all these portal features, we hope doing business with us becomes seamless and efficient, delivering information quickly and when you need it. And there will be future enhancements as well! We will have more updates on the release of it on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, so let’s stay connected!

If you are curious about more information for the wholesale portal or have any suggestions for features you would like to be included, comment down below and we will be sure to get back to you!

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Bulk Discounts + Free Shipping = Pro's Advantage
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