Copper Exhaust Vents

When one begins to consider the purchase of a new home or to start the process of building a home, there are several important aspects

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Copper Chimney Caps

If you have ever owned a home with a fireplace, you are familiar with the important role that a chimney cap plays in the proper

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Backdraft Damper

Upon a closer look or examination of a home’s ventilation system, one might decide that they knew absolutely nothing about how the whole ventilation process

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Attic Vents

Those with attics in their home are aware of how important an attic vent is, especially to those homeowners that live where snow and ice

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A Louvered Gable Vent

Constructing a home for a novice can present a challenge. A person unfamiliar with construction terminology might find it difficult to communicate with the contractor

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Chimney Cowl Fixture

When looking to purchase a new home, many home buyers desire certain attractive features such as a pool, a second story or in some cases

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