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The Importance Of A Chimney Vent

Ventilation is important for many reasons one being for comfort sake. No one enjoys sitting in a musky, smog-filled room. Nice clean air is a wonderful thing especially in one’s home. A home is meant to be a shelter, a safe haven for family members to come and relax. A home that has a poor chimney vent system is unable to provide the comfort that a home with an effective chimney vent or cap can.

Copper Chimney Caps

A home with a fireplace is a cozy picture, however, the cozy picture can become rather uncomfortable if the homeowner has not properly cared for and maintained their fireplace and the fireplace chimney vent. A chimney vent or chimney cap, serves many purposes and if the vent is not working properly serious ramifications could occur. For instance, if a chimney vent is not sealed, measured or covered properly the chimney will not work effectively, if at all.

A common issue or problem found with a chimney is the ability to collect creosote along the chimney flue, creating a hazard. Creosote is black oily substance that accumulates over time as a result of burning wood in the fireplace. Due to the build up of creosote along the chimney walls, it is imperative that regular chimney cleanings are scheduled and kept in order to prevent a fire hazard or permanent damage to the chimney vent or flue.

The creosote buildup or deposits can hinder the chimney vent and block the ability for proper air flow and ventilation throughout the room. A lack of air flow or chimney ventilation can create not only an uncomfortable breathing situation but could cause a rather large mess as a result of black dirty smoke billowing throughout the room. For families that have members who suffer with allergies and asthma need to play close attention to the care and maintenance of their chimney vent to insure that harmful air particles are not filtering back down through the chimney vent and into the lungs of those living in the home.

Taking added precautions such as contacting a specialist from a well known Fresh Air Manufacturing Company, FAMCO, could help save time and money for those who own or are considering purchasing a home with a chimney.

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