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DIY Home Improvement Project: Mailbox Makeover

We don’t always think “mailbox” when first talking about home improvement projects, but it’s actually a high ROI endeavor that can instantly improve your home’s curb appeal and allow for an inexpensive outlet for creativity and personalization all at the same time. Oftentimes, we worry about the outside of the house and the upkeep of the lawn in order to maximize our home’s first impression, but the mailbox is typically overlooked, yet it is a vital part of your home’s infrastructure. You interact with the mailbox every day and everyone who walks by or drives by is going to see it and having a unique, stunning, and creative mailbox will help your house stand out against the rest. In today’s article, we’re going to go over a few quick weekend projects that you can do anytime in order to help put your mailbox in a bracket all on its own.

Add Coat Of Bright Paint

If you’ve never done any improvements on your mailbox, then this is a great place to start. A fresh coat of paint will help your box look much nicer and brand new without investing a lot of time or money. Experiment with some bright or eye-catching colors that still match with your home’s colors to boot!

Upgrade With Custom Lettering And Numbering

Adding some visibility to your home’s street number can help postal delivery carriers, food delivery services, and emergency services alike. It’s also a great way to add a touch of uniqueness to your mailbox. You can get a stencil or paint by hand! In a contrasting color, carefully add your house number and even last name to the mailbox. An easy project to complete especially after you’ve repainted your box recently.

Add A Small Planter Box

Here’s a great way to add some personality and some real curb appeal to your mailbox space. You can add a planter box on or around your mailbox and fill it with your favorite flowers or garden vegetables to have proudly on display for all to see. If possible, you can also designate some groundspace around your mailbox post to installing in a micro-garden as well. The sky’s the limit!

Install New Pole For Greater Stability

Let’s face it. Over the years our mailbox’s poll may start to tip or become loose or wobbly. That can impact how easily the mail carrier can access your box and can lead to a negative impact on overall curb appeal. Take a weekend afternoon and ditch the old pole and install a new one. It will help you have better peace of mind about the security of your mail and will help your house give a better first impression.

In Conclusion

Now is a good time to think about checking small projects like this off your list and we hope that today’s article will help get you started. We want to make sure that every homeowner is prepared for the task ahead with the best news and information and quality products available. Shop our store online here or contact us to learn more about what FAMCO has to offer when it comes to high quality HVAC supplies and ventilation accessories.

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