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Quick Budget Friendly Home Improvement Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

We love the idea of getting a home improvement project completed, but the biggest hassle isn’t usually the work itself, but the amount of time that it takes to actually get it completed. What if we told you that there were plenty of great high impact and low budget home improvement projects that you can do in a single weekend or afternoon? We did our research and compiled a list of quick DIY projects that you can tackle in as little as a single afternoon that will add a huge sense of accomplishment to your week. Let us know in the comments or on social media if you have tried any of these or if you have some fun ideas that you think we should add to our list! We can’t wait to hear from you. 

Spruce Up Your Patio Blocks Or Concrete Slab

One quick project that is perfect for the springtime is to get your patio space ready for entertaining this summer. You will want to break out the power washer and spray it down really well after removing all of your furniture and BBQ supplies, of course. After it has been power washed clean or sprayed down with your garden hose, then you can break out the stencils and go to town! You will just need a hearty plastic stencil of your choice, a stencil brush, and a can or two of concrete stain and you’re in business. After you’re finished, people will swear you had a new custom patio installed overnight. This whole project can easily be done in a weekend if not a single afternoon!

Upgrade Your Home’s Door Knobs With Smart Locks

Smart locks have come a long way these days and it’s time to get smart with your home’s entry security. Smart locks can pair with your smartphone and smart home devices to allow you to do all sorts of amazing things like provide keyless entry for you and family members, allow temporary entry for house sitters and visitors and guests, and usage monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This project is pretty straightforward and can take just a few hours to complete but will have your doors looking nicer and your home a little more secure. 

Paint An Accent Wall In Your Living Room Or Bedroom

This can definitely only take a morning or afternoon to complete the initial painting and maybe a few hours the next day once the paint has dried. Try a splash of color on a single wall in a room of your choice and it will add a new dimension of fun and creativity to your home overnight. 

Quick And Dirty Bathroom Refresh

This project is pretty simple. You will just need to buy new shower curtains and liners for your bathrooms and new hand towels and rugs for them as well. Swap everything out and donate or toss the old items and you’re good to go. An instant bathroom “remodel” in a few hours. 

In Conclusion

It’s always a good time to think about checking off small projects off your list and we hope that today’s list will help get you started. We want to make sure that every homeowner is prepared for the task ahead with the best news and information and quality products available. Shop our store online here or contact us to learn more about what FAMCO has to offer when it comes to high quality HVAC supplies and ventilation accessories.

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