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Plastic Bathroom Fan and Kitchen Exhaust Fan- BVDS

Over the last several years, there has been an increase within the market for plastic roof vents. This demand started throughout the humid climates of the south and eastern states but has now taken the whole country by storm as a durable substitution for metal vents. These plastic vents are great for their ability to withstand threats of weather infiltration, corrosion and rust. They are also extremely versatile in design, coming in variety of different color options to blend in or stand out upon your roof. FAMCO has engineered their very own design of plastic bathroom fan and kitchen exhaust roof vents (BVDS) which are made from high density polyethylene (HDP) for the highest quality ventilation system. Along with its durable exterior, this plastic vent contains UV inhibitors which help protect the material from deteriorating in the sunlight.

The BVDS also includes key features like a removable stem for hard connect applications. It includes a built-in damper to prevent backdraft and includes a built-in ¼ screen to prevent hood access by birds and many insects. Need a rooftop dryer vent? Just simply remove the screen of the BVDS for an alternative application.

Discover why so many people across the country are switching to plastic roof vents with the FAMCO BVDS today!

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