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Tools That Make Gutter Maintenance Easier

When it comes to cleaning out gutters, many homeowners tend to focus on the problems (i.e. clogged gutters) rather than the solutions that can rectify and/or prevent those problems from occurring in the future. In this case, it is crucial for homeowners to keep their home’s gutter system functional and clear of debris through regular maintenance and/or preventative measures.

So what tools and preventative measures exist that can help make homeowners lives easier when it comes to gutter maintenance? We are so glad you asked.

Shop-Vac Attachments

If your Shop-Vac has a “blow” function, extra attachments and extensions are available for those who would like to remain firmly planted on the ground. WIth this method, simply blow the offending leaves and debris out and away from your gutter system for later pick-up.

Ladder Support

These stabilizers will help keep your ladder from moving left-to-right while standing on it. A budget-friendly alternative to buying a new ladder.

Gutter Scoop

Also known as the Gutter Getter, these flexible scoops are designed to fit within the gutter track and underneath gutter supports. Not a replacement for a good quality pair of puncture-free gloves, so be sure you have those as well.

Cleaning Wands

These attachments fit directly onto your garden hose, and are designed to remove debris, dirt, and grime from your home’s gutter system. Some models are compatible with power washers, as well.

Gutter Guards

For those looking to reduce the amount of physical labor that goes into their gutter maintenance routine, gutter guards are one route to consider. While different models exist, the basic function of a gutter guard is to prevent debris from entering the gutter system, thus clogging it and reducing its efficiency, where it will begin to play host to a plethora of new problems like mold/mildew and more. And even if gutter guards are installed, regular maintenance is still required to ensure maximum efficiency.

Below is a quick summary of a few different types of gutter guards, along with their pros and cons.


These come in a variety of models, and while some designs are better than others, heavy rains tend to reduce the effectiveness of these systems.

Pros: Designed to prevent sticks and debris from entering the gutter.

Cons: Water can also be prevented from entering the gutter due to poor design.

Metal Screen

These are fairly common, compatible with most roof types, and prevent most branches from entering the gutter system.

Pros: Easy to install, inexpensive.

Cons: Easily damaged by branches and debris.


These guards have micro-slots on top that allow water to enter the gutter system, and nothing else.

Pros: Easy to install, easy to clean

Cons: Regular maintenance required

Protecting your home from water damage and rot is important, and keeping your gutters cleared of debris is one step you can take to keep that from happening. Always consider your safety first.

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