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(Year Round) Decorating Safety Tips Around Your HVAC Equipment

The holiday season is such a great time to show your holiday spirit and to make your house more festive and welcoming to guests. Americans put up over 440,000,000 Christmas lights each year and spend typically between $40 and $70 annually on decorations alone. Going overboard on decorations can lead to unexpected HVAC issues, especially …

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Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Dampers

What is a motorized damper? A damper is anything within a home’s HVAC system that helps to stop or regulate air flow. Dampers can be weighted or spring loaded to regulate when they open or close, or they can be controlled remotely through a powered motor. A motorized damper is common in newer homes with …

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Facts About Zone Dampers

What are Zone Dampers? Dampers are plates or valves, used for regulating or stopping airflow inside a duct system, or any other equipment that handles air. Zone dampers on the other hand are specifically used in HVAC systems. For getting the maximum efficiency out of HVAC systems in homes, the airflow has to be diverted …

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electric dampers

Electric Dampers At FAMCO

Reducing energy consumption is a top priority for every household. In order to achieve this, a thorough inspection of the HVAC system, the electric, as well as the electronic equipment is essential. Replacing old electronic equipment with control solutions that use new technology and are energy efficient yields huge benefits in the long run. Good …

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Pressure Relief Damper

Hot summer days or cold winter nights has a larger effect on people then they realize. Perspiration and chilly toes might be a sign that the weather is changing and prepare to see some changes in energy costs. When the temperature changes from mild to extreme little surprise is had when an increase in energy …

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Motorized Damper

Owning a home is a big responsibility. With such a large responsibility that owning home can be, homeowners attempt to do the responsible thing by looking for ways to lower living and energy cost. You see this much more so now than ever before with an unstable economy more and more homeowners are looking for …

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HVAC Dampers

Every home needs some form of a HVAC damper. Without a HVAC dampers, the ventilation system inside the home is left without any source filtering, regulating and monitoring the air flow in and out of the home. Dampers are what are installed in a home to help regulate the temperature, humidity and air flow in …

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Electric Damper

Cutting energy costs is top priority for homeowners; especially now that energy cost seem to be on the rise with no intent of leveling off anytime soon. So what is a homeowner to do with the cost of living on the rise but the income inflow is decreasing? Several homeowners have taken drastic steps to …

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