Copper Vents

Copper Gable Vent

It is no secret that heat rises especially in a home. The climate in a home is very critical to the overall enjoyment of being inside of a home. Those living in northern areas in a large two story home might not mind the science behind rising heat on a cold winter night; however those …

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Copper Exhaust Vents

When one begins to consider the purchase of a new home or to start the process of building a home, there are several important aspects that a home buyer or builder must consider. One important aspect that a homeowner needs to consider is the air flow that filters in and out of the home. Poor …

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Copper Chimney Caps

If you have ever owned a home with a fireplace, you are familiar with the important role that a chimney cap plays in the proper function of your chimney. Chimney covers also known as chimney caps are uniquely designed to keep certain elements from coming in and down through the flue while also doubling as …

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